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Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 16:35 Uhr
Name: written by Communist Laponians and corre
E-Mail: sthorpe@worldnetdaily.com
Homepage: http://www.mdonline.net/messageboards/mdanticrime/messages/341.html

The Saga of Lovisa ROSELL, borned 1983 and Josefine MIDANDER, borned 1984 who discriminated by the Svekish University "Marry-go-on Circus"...(Int. english language version)


- Dear listeners, readers, tv-viewers!.. Welcome!.. A new saga is borning here... Brave people makes these forums available to encourage intelligent and open democratical debate platforms. Users are requested to participate in the spirit of good fellowship and tolerance. The views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent those of saga tellers.... "Living tales broadcasting" does not mean "fantastical fairy tales", but aims to offer a solution for "living questions of humanity" and one of them begins here, today's well-documented tales!.. Notice it respectfully, please; this is a SAGA; man don't need to be stressed... Avoid to show incredible angry attitudes or overwhelmed happy on such tales.. Test your selfcontrol!.. Well, we are aware, there are a kind of ineresting types, which fanatically programmed to see the similarly robotics and they can not accept the creative brains... Compare yourself with them!..Take it easy; don't to be prisoned of "massmedial brainwashing campaigns"... In normally case there are different openviews, artistical creations, poetry, approximate to the social cases in community; listen to them... If you want to criticize these stories, feel free; do that!.. No doubt!. This is a form of litterature to create essays; of course built a bridge to say out your opinion; do that, please!.. Otherways, you wil just a living witness here; yes, here seems many aggressive robotics making shit after my tales; let them stay on this page as my best evidence.. People needs such testimony; who tells saga, who has shit in his mouth; discover on internet around my saga texts... They are not only my enemies, because I have nothing private conflict with them... In fact they are the fanatical enemies of humanbeing; this is the question... My Grandfader had piggies at farm; all the animals had name there and selected examples prized by true ID cards... I see that Grandfather's true piggies were more respectable than human faced piggies&doggies... Let's these doggies shitting here on internet, mostly using false sexual announcements; let's people witness what a kind kinky planet the two-legged piggies dreaming.. Keep the evidences should be apparently pasted there on internet page, although it's not friendly; all after checking this attack it'll easier to struggle against thus kinky character, who beyond this dirtiness!.. Go on to tell what the newest!.. In fact, we have much more exciting broadcasting tournaments... You see; the fanatics of system are so eager to bite your heel.. No doubt, its typical attitudes of bulldogs and lapdogs of judaized imperialism... But criticism welcomes.... Of course there are different opinions.. Discussion is better than warplanes... Let's create new saga examples and try to build a wonderful socialistical saga-world for whole humanbeing; yes, for human, dear!.. Solidarity regards from saga-teller, additional works of studio-guests, followers on friendly tv channels...

- Is it a documentary?
- Yes, it's!.. Original label; "Universitet stäms för diskriminering"...
- Anybody decides to show such humanist civil-courage, at least?!
- It's true!.. This Saga based on the true discrimination cases and a kinky system which still under control of the New World Order's Jew World Ordered University gangs and these tales including many shameful targets of lobbies, manipulation and kinky profits by the recruited fake professors, a kind of neo-liberal educational whore market...
- Today, an "advocate bureau" uncovered the shocking accusation.. Both students demanding 120 000:- SEK as symbolical compensation, because of ethnical discrimination...
- Has Uppsala university administration any respond?
- Freakness as respond.. Uppsala's Jewish domination says; "These sturdents have no wroing.. Their mothers have no wrong, Swedish women.. But the fathers of these students borned autside of Scandinavia, had never connect with Jewish lobbies and never visited any Evangelian Zion curch..."
- Wow!.. Killing fields, performed elimination process exposed...
- ?!

- I wonder why there is no true university in Scandinavia!...
- If you should analyse the Scandinavian Leftist so you can find the right answer!...

- Have you ever heard about the "professorial chairs" as corruption? - No! What does it mean? - I began to analyse the Swedish university system...
* - Sir, where is the Swedish official Leftist league which should struggle against all the privatizations and unfairness?
- My Laponian wise grandfather had a joke as answer; Gudrun Skyrman Sveksion, leader of the Swedish Model Left Wingy party and deputy prime minister was late for a meeting the other day. - Drank so much? - Other reason... Apparently she was delayed by a full length mirror in the hall.

- What are you thinking on the privatisation of liberal authorities?
- Fuck them in fact!....All these liberal shurks promise a generous society, just like the prostitute promises love. We practice gestures of generosity, but not generosity itself!.
- ?!


- E.U. under Zionist conspiracy... Many chosen Democratical E.U. Institutions have been targeted... Anti-Imperialist movements reported the Crisis; EU&Zionist Occupational Gang confrontation / Provocations /corruption issues /updated pages by he coverage of the financial criminal lobbies...
- What is up now? E.U. in Crisis?!
- Unfortunately; yes; that is right!.. E.U. confrontation The Zionist Occupational Gang and nowadays that is a hot-matter in Bruxelles... Solidarity volunteers of UNITY comment: Crisis; EU confrontation The Zionist Mafia / Provocation/ corruption coverage/ updated pages... Financial Criminal Lobbies & dirty affairs & collaborators etc. reported by the www.Kurdinfo and www.Antifa symphatizers who bring the evidences on the financial collaborative lobbies...
- Neo-Zionist collaboration markets were been built up in the framework of the projects on Occupation and Palestinian Genocide! They are washing bloody money and they need collaborators in the all countries specially in the E.U. nowadays!.. CRIMINAL JEWISH FOUNDATIONS DEAL OPEN CORRUPT... With a short interpretation by S.F./Rojev, first published by the www.Antifa.net CRIMINAL JEWISH FOUNDATIONS DIVIDING UP BLOODY MONEY to the many CRIMINALS WHO WERE BEEN WANTED IN THE MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES ! Australia and Sweden were been choosen as the pilot-operational-areas of thus new dangerous projects: CRIMINAL JEWISH FOUNDATIONS DEAL OPEN CORRUPT...

Imperialist lobbies educate the Kurds against the Kurds / Turks, Russians against the Russians, traitorous Arabs-Persians against the Iraqians, Syrians, Palestinians and corrupted Chineses against the Chines people... Scandinavian Neo-Zion movements and Australian Connection (lobbies on the academical stage; again, unfortunately): Have you ever heard about the International Council for Central and East European Studies? ICCEES is an Australian originated Organization. It has close ties with the diplomatic tittles /academicians etc. in the Northern and Eastern Europe speciallly since the year of 1995 and it support the Swedish collaborators for example American-Swede Mr. Dag Blanck and Polish-Rus traitors Andrzej Nils Uggla and Julian Iljitzki... Mostly this first name, Mr. Blanck, (Chief American Swede collaborator prof. in Uppsala) already earns "good friendship (saellskap) and good money" when ICCEES sistematically translate his propagand material to the formerly Soviet universities. Read please the last pharagraph, here:

Saellskapet (for educational propaganda collaboration): http://www.sallskapet.org/

... and Here is the ICCEES's own explain on the English pages:

"A group from Melbourne-Australian university is on duty to perform and progress the Zionist aims. AAJS, Australian Association for Jewish Studies is a part of the ICCEES. ICCEES World Congress have possibilities to built thelobby centers in the European Union for example in Tammerfors / Laponian city in Finlandia. This office for many effective propagand issues and collaboration programmes like the false Kurdish Library Skeppsholmen; for example provocative educational investigations with collaborators of Uppsala, Lund, Stockholm universities. ICCEES World Congress Secretary address is: - Finnish Institute for Russian and East European Studies (FIREES), Annankatu 44, FIN-00100 Helsinki, Finland, Pleasee, feel free, contact with them for necessary information about the studies.." Collaborative Office of ICCEES settled in Laponia, not in the Moscow. Because of the Australian capitalism is already affraid of to work so free in Moscow. But ICCEES has close ties with the lobbies for example Friends & Partners Group in Russia. ICCEES shows many intensive works like the "reel Jewish falsification" material to spread oover whole world. ICCEES translate and publish the thousands of books to the academicians who accept to take money from the Zionist lobbies in the formerly Soviet countries: Mr. Blanck's Group from Uppsala university earn good by this work. It seems like an ordinary office like the all others and the lobbies using it too as legal center at this Scandinavian office: tel. 00. 358.9.2285 44 34 fax 00.358.9.2285 44 31 E-post: iccees@rusin.fi
ICCEES mainly-personnel web site:
Australia is the second place by the Neo-Zion programmes. Sweden has been choosen as first place to work free by the side of New World Order / academical investigations. Australia is the second pilot area of the academical / diplomatical operations by the financial lobbies. Any other mainly liars (academians) who works for MoSSad in Australia (valid list in the beginning 2000): Dr Jacque Adler -University of Melbourne, Prof. Ted Robert Gurr - University of Maryland, A/Prof. Winton Higgins - Macquarie University, Prof. Ernest Hunter - University of Queensland,Mr Alan Jacobs - IDEA (NATO propagand stab both in Sweden and Australia), Prof. Kurt Jonassohn - Concordia University, Dr Rachael Kohn - (Chief at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, too), Dr Bill Leadbetter - Edith Cowan University, Dr Mark Levene - Warwick University, Prof. Kathleen Mahoney - University of Calgary, Prof. Eric Markusen - Southwest State University, Prof. Robert Melson- Purdue University, Dr Rubina Peroomian - UCLA, Dr Vera Ranki - Macquarie University, Prof. Bernard Rechter - Monash University, Dr Stephen Shenfield - Brown University, Prof. Derrick Silove - University of New South Wales, Prof. Roger Smith - College of William and Mary, Emeritus Prof. Richard Wright - University of Sydney, Dr Krystyna Wyszogrodzki - University of Melbourne, Dr Hilton Immerman, CEO of The Shalom Institute; Adult Educator and Leadership Consultant, Rabbi Moshe Gutnick Rabbi of Bondi Mizrachi Synagogue, Head of Kashrut Authority, Former Head of The Rabbinic Council of NSW,Dr Edith Weisberg, Director of Research, Sydney Centre for Reproductive Health Research, Family Planning Association; Member of Sydney IVF Ethics Committee and much more mice...They cooperate on the secret affairs and sometimes very different matters / missions too, for example when Estonia Ferry sink in the Baltic Sea, Australian firms cemented it, although it is so far from the Baltics.... They steal the evidences all together and spreading now the lies to all the academic platforms...Zionist Capitalists have built a college in Australia: Shalom College, University of NSW
Sydney NSW, 2052 Australia Tel. +61 2 9931 9628 Fax: +61 2 9313 7145 Email:
ICCEES and collaborated academicians paying good money to the many traitorous from the selected operation areas for example Kurdistan, Syria, Polonia, Estonia, Letonia, Lithuania, Russia, Armenia, Irak, Lebanon, Jardania, Palestinia and all these persons using the academical tittles for instance assistants or the "guest teachers". Kurdish Jew traitor Nedim Dagdeviren is only a guest teacher, an "ordinary" lap-dog at the University of Uppsala and works now under the order of Mr. Blanck and Polish-Rus traitors Andrzej Nils Uggla and Julian Iljitzki... It seems like a legalized corruption chain or like a hound-rally somtimes... Hound rally's responsible chief is Dag Blanck, ha is brave by the American Zionist lobbies according of his own homepage:


- Imperialist lobbies are giving bloody money to these academicians at Uppsala university: Prof. Mr. Dag Blanck , American-Swede, Chief, vice rector/ expert on disinformation and provocate minorities in the U.S.A. Tel.: 71 99,
Gröndahl, Satu, researcher / Expert to provocate on the Kurdish subjects, 00.46.18. 471 63 96,
Hassanen, Sadia, Arab-Jew traitor, fax 00.46.18. 471 23 63 Huss, Leena, China provocator, univ.lekt. i Finnish-Ugrish language, ssk.
Finnish, 00.46.18. 471 23 61, Leena.Huss@multietn.uu.se
Isaksson Faris, Inga-Britt, researcher.ass., 00.46.18. 471 23 67
Ivana Macek; Ivana.Macek@multietn.uu.se, Tel. 63 91
Jegebäck, Per, redacteur, 00.46.18. 471 23 64, Per.Jegeback@multietn.uu.se
Kamali, Masoud, researcher, Iranian Jew, 00.46.18. 471 63 94,
Magnusson, Kjell, univ.rector on internationell
migration and ethnical relations, 00.46.18. 471 23 62,
Pettersson, Thorleif, prof.,researcher, 00.46.18. 471 63 94
Roth, Hans Ingvar, researcher, 00.46.18. 471 63 92,
Runblom, Harald, prof. on history, 00.46.18. 471 23 60,
Seyoum, Elias, library ass., 00.46.18. 471 27 89,
Trtak, Jasenka, researcher, ass., 00.46.18. 471 75 90,
Uggla, Andrzej Nils, Polish-Rus provocator,
univ.lekt., 00.46.18. 471 27 88,
Åberg, Mats, his wife is American propagand staff,
works for USA, ass., 00.46.18. 471 27 89
Gunilla Oberg-Backman, willing secretary of the
lobbies, Gunilla.ObergBackman@multietn.uu.se Fax: 00. 46. 18. 471 23 63 Tel.:
00. 46. 18. 471 23 59
Julian Iljitzki, Polish-Rus provocator, Zionist propagand coordinator,
Kristian GERNER, Zionist propagand coordinator,
Paul Levine, Stéphane Bruchfeld are the most dangereous staff who stilll procude
lies on the genocide issues. Paul.Levine@multietn.uu.se,
Nedim Dagdeviren, "guest-!!!"-teaching-instrument-, works as Chief, registrator against the immigrants ... and many other servers... by this way, these traitors drive any groups, available to see the groups as the collected links, here:
... and much more like Ferhad Shakely, Durusoy Yazan...


- This is the panorama and all these concepts are enough to explain WHY IMPERIALISM NEEDS LOBBIES by the side of any E.U. Authorities and why the economical monopols are using the neo-zionistical propagand methodes... In fact, not only E.U., all the serious democratical institutions are under attack! This is a such Cold War; Zionism is serve of Imperialism as a experienced worldwide -instrument! Imperialism dislike constitutional stability and guaranted Human Rights in the communities...
- We add here the money transferring evidence sites (open corruption of The Zionist Occupational Gang on Internet ):


- For further information, please visit these sources, links, related sites and discussion forums, there many authorities discuss on above subjects so-caled the "Open Revenge" between E.U.'s democratical institutions and the "corruptia - assassini" of the Zionist lobbies:


Minority Rights Group of E.U.: http://www.minorityrights.org/







Los Angeles Socialist Party comments: http://www.lalabor.org/wwwboard/messages/278.shtml

Che GUEVARA lives: http://www.che-lives.com/

Lobbies bought the criminal traitors and lanced as professors (Baran Funderman explain): http://www.f6.parsimony.net/forum7330/messages/29305.htm http://liberate-palestine.hypermart.net/



Campaign against Arm Trade: http://www.caat.org.uk/












Solidarity Exile Committees/Revolutionary Immigrants in the E.U..:
- Special thanks to the voluntary interpreters / translators of UNITY and EU f people!..
- Thus Top Secret pages of the Concept "Crisis; E.U. confrontation /
The ZioniFascist Occupational Gang / corruption /conflict coverage", has been
declared by the Kurdinfo / DDKD and Antifa sympathizers
- What does it mean?
- Confrontation between EU and Neo-Zionism
- ?!

- Many things have been privatized in the European Union, but in SvekJa Kingdom the bureaucrats too privatized...
- Do you know, what my Grandfather said; "For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him."
- Is Karl Marx really your Grandfather?
- ?!


- What is the difference between Middle East and Scandinavia&Australia when you compare with universities under Zionist fraud? - Also, the ZOGang does all the dirtines, projects by civilized ways, corruptinal acts out of the Middle East... The Jewish power assaults academic freedoms... But it's bloody way in the occupied areas of Middle East, including universities...
- We have a clip, an interview by Militant Socialist newsweekly...
- Lets to listen them and see how this Mafia assaults the universites...
- In an assault on academic freedom and democratic rights, the University of Haifa in northern Israel has launched a suit to remove Ilan Pappe from his teaching post. Pappe is a professor of political science at the university.
The dean of Humanities, Ben Artzi, presented the university's case in a letter that states that Pappe's "attacked again and again the university and represents it in front of the academic world as a place where moral abuses are taking place, as a place of discrimination and ideologically biased in every possible way."
In a phone interview with the Militant weekly, Pappe said there are several reasons why he is under attack. One is his support for a student who exposed in a doctoral thesis a massacre of Palestinians by Israeli forces in the village of Tantura in 1948. The student had a high grade on the thesis but was disqualified.
"I was the only one who said it was correct to expose the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians that accompanied the creation of Israel in 1948," said Pappe. Some 200 Palestinian civilians were massacred in Tantura after the village surrendered to the Zionist Haganah forces.
"Secondly was my intent to begin teaching a course on the Nakbah," the professor said. Nakbah, which means "catastrophe" in Arabic, is the term used by Arabs to denote the expulsion of the Palestinians from their lands in 1948 and the creation of the state of Israel.
"This would be a first in Israeli history," he said. "And they want to prevent that because here we are talking about the original sin of Israel. Thirdly is the fact that I have publicly called for an international boycott of Israeli academia."
Israel "has never been a democracy," Pappe said. "It is just playing at being one. The silencing of Arab academics is nothing new in Israel but this is the first time they are going at Jewish dissident academics."
In a written public appeal, Pappe said he is not appealing for "personal help" but fighting the "opening gambit" by the university in which "many colleagues, especially my Palestinian Israeli colleagues, can be next."
"I can mention many examples of how people questioning the state's policies are being silenced," Pappe said in the interview. "Yofa Yarkoni who is a cultural hero, a pop singer in her 70s now, spoke out against the brutality in Jenin. Now all her performances have been canceled. Haaretz Daily is under immense pressure to fire the journalist Amira Haas. Those who do not toe the general line that this is a war for 'our' very survival are immediately branded as traitors. In this atmosphere the university believed that the time was ripe to go after me."
An international committee with supporters in Australia, France, the United States, and other countries has been set up to defend Pappe. It is appealing for letters of support and petitions defending academic freedom. More than 1,000 letters to the university were sent in less than two weeks, according to Pappe. The university administration "did not expect such a response," he said. "They are very insular and do not look beyond these borders. Now they are beginning to reassess their action so public pressure is very important.
"Until about a couple of weeks ago doors were being closed," the professor said. "There were difficulties to challenge the growing consensus around Sharon's policies. There were growing difficulties in presenting alternatives to the use of force, to argue for a two-state solution, let alone to present an alternative to Zionism."
Explaining that Israeli Jews have to come to grips with what he calls Israel's "original sin," Pappe said, "at the end of the road we must have a solution to the Palestinian refugee problem. We must do away with the apartheid state in Israel and we must respect the international status of Qudüs. This can only be done in a unitary, democratic and secular state. What actual form that will take I do not know. Two separate states may be a step on that road."
- This is the real Fascism and the bastard actors of Imperialism... Zionist Mafia rules by corruption in Australia and SvekJa Kingdom... There are another methodes on the occupied Middle East, for instance F 16, helicopters, IDF (Insanity Death Forces) and all possible massacre instruments... This is the diffference and we need to see an intellectual responsibility from the true professors, intellectuals, scientists and artists... Where are they?
- We know, they exist but they have no medial lapdogs and therefore we can not see them so much on these scenes...


- What are you thinking on these incredible scenes? - We must know that
our weakness is Imperialism's strength, I understand here again... - I agree
with you, Comrade Jonas Hållén! - You are welcome, Comrade Lars Törnman!
- I think, democracy should work better!.. Criminals and collaborators should be
- Should we arrest the criminals?!. Don't make me laugh! - Well, I see the
double roles and false rules of the juridical instruments... What a shame we
been forced to label it "democracy"... How thus majority of people, thus living
creators, stinky mass could be so incredible nonsense blind meanwhile all the
enormous fraudulent process?!.. Unbelieveable!... This is a glaring
injustice!.. I wonder, what goes wrong by the juridical instruments... How can I
say?! It is very strange!... You now, if you see all these incredible cases,
thick-headed attitudes... - How? Do you explain? What is concrete that
you remember? - Yes, I remember that David Janzon, a redactional worker of
Radio Islam, was sentenced to 4 months' imprisonment in October 1992, for the
station's agitation "against an ethnic group". Are the provocators of Capitalist
Fascist lobbies are really a ethnical group?! - There is so specially
groups? Okay, Jews!... It's the overclass group, nobody can imitate such
shurks... - But when you been oppressed so your accusation can only
be refuseed... The shurks are the masters 'cause they experinced a lot of cruel
methodes since many years... You can only suffer like many freedom fighters...
- Concrete cases? - Very much!... The judges of system who play dirty
rolls... It is extra incredible on Swedish justice-scenes that many foolish
judges been corrupted by Jewish authorities and they play extra horrible rolls
as pycho-proff doctor magister at policlinics... I can not meet all the judges
nor observate all the cases but I met many high-staff at Golf Club Tenerrife,
they explained... Shameful!... I can not explain here what they say on the
corrpted colleges, so awfully shameful... ... Court material look likes
simetrical sences, reasons are too similarly... Many papers of court been
published by the Bonniers, Nordstedt... Same mechanism publish as basic Zionist
propagand material, too... EU-membership... After 1995 impressed it by the
democratical authorities of other countries? - Unfortunately, it's in all
frauds, much more dirty now... If any true jurist goes to United Nations related
commissions or the independent justice authorities, so we shall most interesting
scandals... - What kind of scandals? - For instance Osmo
Vallo&Tony Mutka and other members of the "assassination on the so called
Resande Folket" cases... Märta Pettersson and others who murdered by the
"imported criminals" like Bengalian Zionist Mafia moblized in the EU; similarly
recruitment cases... Remember; what the relatiives of Tony Deogan, Dagmar
Hagelin, Anders Gustavsson demand... - Don't make me worry with
examles, don't list please much more!.. - It's not me who create the
official shame lists!.. Did you hear Osmo Vallo's two brothers and all other
relatives are arrested, too... The victims and witness been arrested instead of
murderers... Otherway, many freedom fighters forced to be jobless and living
under minimal standards... Most famous concret case is Stefan Dimiter
Tcholakov who labelled as "laborious" and Work Rights fighters Jimmie
Östergren, delegated adviser (former grafiker) Bengt Pettersson and Ahmed Rami,
because of these bravehearts criticized the thieves by the Capitalist Jewish
lobbies... Laponians who fight for own mark and minority rights, therefore
prisoned their representative character Olof T. Johansson, the true Socialists
like Bengt Frejd, Sara Lidman, Staffan Ehnebom, so-called the "Free Speech
Fighters", anti-Capitalist demonstranter like Jan Hatto, Sten Arne-Zerpe,
Dietlieb Felderer, movements who struggle against the weapon-handlers like
Henrik Westander (before professur-chair gift) and by his side likely flexible
Calle Höglund, anti-Imperialists Hannes Westberg, Herman Schmid, journalists
Staffan Beckman, Stefan Hjertén, free-mind intellectuals like Rainer Holm, Linus
Brohult, honoured priest K. G. Hammar and hundreds of the anti-Imperialists who
been registrated by the lobbies... - What is common with them? -
Also! When a Fascist accuse them so judges punish the reviewers, immediately...
But when the oppressed people leave any accusation acceptance, can easily be
refuseed ... The requests of them almost been absolutely refuseed... Read two
different cover of assassinations for example one victim called Daniel
WRETSTRÖM and second one Tony DEOGAN; so you'll be shocked if you discover many
incredible freakness, parallel points; for instance how the prosecutors and
judges corrupted by financial lobbies and how all the gang members released, how
the evidences disappointed, witnesses forced to go in silence or they
disapponted, too...
- Why the DN, Expressen and other big papers awoid of to publich these true
stories?.. They awoid of to show the real discrimination?! Schindler's List was
only a filmatic illusion, actually the true boss never gave a chance peace in
communities... You know, Bonniers, Wallenberg, Bilderberg-gangs and "Bulldogs"
drive the Swindlers' lists, means all the honoured intellectuals been
registrated on their computers... Therefore Stockholm-Canberra changed to be
second plot area of Jew York-Tel Aviv's armed Mafia... - Yes, it's!.. But
what a lucky I have been warned before!. - The authorities are blind on
such actions.. Why? - Because every big shurk drives by the big lobbies in
this big SvekJa zionized Kingdom... - ?! - How can we could
informed and know the truth!?... - I can't reply all in two minutes?!
- Well!... I understand better... It's a modernised version of enormous
hypocrisy... And I understand why the worlkd couldn't react when Jews slaughed
people in Sabra, Shatila, Jenin... Everybody watched on tv meanwhile druck
Coca-Cola, chips, bonbons... - Like the film-druged idiots?.. - No,
Sir!... We have incredible reactions and collaborated feelings too, remember,
we all cried when we watched on the Swindler's list, whole lies master-piece on
scenes... - Shame on double-moral masters!.. Where are the all good peoples
now?! - No way to Pessimism, please!.. Well, I see a positive case here on
the Scandinavian Jewish DN, Expressen, Menorah pages; Maximum sentence for the
desecration of cemeteries - an outrage which traditionally targeted Jewish
cemeteries - was raised from 6 months' imprisonment to 2 years. Yes, the
prisonment period raised in 1993, Spring. Then... - It should not calls for
case; it's provocation... There is no any single case in SvekJa, means nobody
sentenced, nobody improsined for desecrations.. - Maximum sentence will be
2 years! Isn't good? - I want not talk on the sentences good or not
good... But I'm coming from Skaane and I witnessed who targeted the
cemeteries... - Who? - Jews!... I saw them... They were there
and porovoced very succesful so they manipulated sitation... Therefore there is
no prisoner after this pharagraph ' cause they aimed change the rules...
- I remember a similarly case, my mother witnessed and told us about the foxy
Jews who played theatre at the street on 30 November in Germania... It was
before WW III, Jewish fanatics crashed own glass and won enormous generous
compensation by the reasurance firms... But their media manipulated the world by
the help of american Imperialism so all the analphabets crying on every 30
September worldwide, every year like a crying festival, meantime the Zionist
boss' laughing behind the windows...
- This is not the Cold War but a form of ongoing Cold War, what drives now by
the lobbies... This area demands the prejudiced scientists... - Why the
oppressed folk don't protest or discuss these problems... - Ever and never!
This is not the results of the football matches... People need knowledge on
biological developments... - Biological? Bur the lobotomies and
sterilization methodes were only in last century?! - System have now most
avanced methodes for instance isolation, registration and systematically
injustice... Only two tousand youngs become suicide in SvekJa Kingdom, two times
been a short news.. - Youngs?... But adults? - They never
counts by half officially pools.... Animal lover bourgeoisie have
sex-partner-dogs, counts for identification and health rights, but not the
discriminated persons... Never mind!... - There aren't really a single
one modernized democratical institution?
- ?! * - I wonder why many
immigrants sets to work without language courses meanwhile many others been
discriminated because of their language is not "wonderful, brilliant"?.. - I
met many people too... For example after Warszawa pakt's collapse fleed
manybiologs to the occupied Middle East, Australia, SvekJa and specially the
laboratory workers sets on the jobs without any oppression... - Did you
found any explain about this subject?.. - Not directly... I met a family
in SvekJa, who calls for BOLDTs, escaped from Baltics by the way of so-called
"official Al Capone Raoul Wallenberg" Co's false Finnish pass and corrupted
authorities in Kingdom by the way of Jewish lobbies... A cunning mature, drives
"Invandrar Publications"... She explained that all these scientists had already
one or two international languages what been respected... - She lies!.. I
know a writer, know six or seven language but SvekJa system set him too the
cleaner-catch boy courses... - Yes; I understand... Jolin replied this
case too; "maybe the writer criticised the oligarchical targets..." -
And she publish these subjects on the Invandrar Tidningen? Bravo!... - You
will be chocked; she help to the lobbies to registrate opposite... - Was she
biology-worker in Baltics... - No!... But system need such families to
follow the people and therefore she didn't go to the claenar courses and nor any
language course although her vocabulary is worst when I compare with other
immigrants... Nowadays fixed this family a credit possbility by the lobbies and
Swedish American authorities,looks like a support to publish weekly propagand
bulletin, called "Sesam"... - Is it a propagand bulletin which the
redacteurs in Jew York recommended? - Yes!... Worst and most dangerous in the
world... - Do you explain; what you discovered by Sesam or chief Jolin
Boldt or Jusek/jurists' judadominated syndical sect media runs by Göran Boldt
Co. although this zionist gang never had a single one scientist in the
family!.. - Yes, it's!.. But such chiefs are clever to use the regularly
credits of system... I am an ordinary people and regularly reading all the
issues of Sesam/Jusek falsification magazines and look at on these pages, what
these gangsters provoce: "Immigrants always have problems.. They must complete
their education and integrate to the democratical values..." Very
provocative...It means if you never been accepted as true citizen so you must
think that your education is low, complete it... If immigrated person is
non-judaic originated must complete cources to be disher, even if man is
professor.. But other immigrant who came from Warszawa and presented himself as
academician, accepted to be professor wit´hout a true diplom.. If you criticize
this dirty deal, riskable to be labelled that you collapsed on integration...
- A kind of tregistrated psycho? - Definitely!.. This is a nonsense
market... The masters of this neo-liberal "smiling fascist process" show no
pardon... Since many years the Swedish immigrant publications run by the fascist
zionist readcteurs, collaborators and inseminate false imagination... This is a
insemination what the Zionist Fascists do against thesecond class people in Tel
Aviv... In SvekJa Kingdom, by this shurk-coup drivessame project... Look at
these pages, even the Laponians counts like the second class people and never
discuss serious their minority rights, work rights by the industrial
investigations of Kingdom... They handled often like the Gypsies,more worst;
they handled like prisoners on its own marks like the Palestinians who prisoned
his own haoses there in the occupied Middle East... Do you discussuor rights
here on Immigrant pages? Never... Boldt have credit by Spaarbank and Nordea's
Jew chiefs... Why? Because, Boldt-gang is the best flexible which uses like a
condom against Human Rights...According of these shurks there is no any Zionist
Occupational Gang in the world, but Palestinians been counted as problematics...
Palestinians described like the immigrants there, what the oppressed people
behandles here in SvekJa Kingdom... Boldt and her lap-dogs manipulate the
questions of immigrants and never answer thequestions although there is two
pages for responses... - I know a Jewish paper in USA, redacteur send
letters himself and replies later instead of the true readers... -
Similar tactic!... What Big Brother do, Swedish hypocrites just imitate it...
Not only this fetty imbecill's Sesam, all other creit-addicted papers
administrations making copies of ordinary people's letters... mostly all these
half-officially "Invandrar" publication industry "brain washing instruments on
the immigrants" running on this line... what thelobbies, so-called
"registrationsnamnden" and the collaborators by the Swedish ministries like
much and therefore pumping money.. - Now I have a little question; is
Boldt-gangs are Jewish originated... - More dangereous... Members, so-called
"edsvurna" by the Zionist lobbies!...But how you guess about the origins of
these shurks?! - I am not so stupid although I like sometimes discuss
football, too... - ...and maybe a private question, too!.. How you can be so
close to Jolin!... - She like small and younger Africans like a tradition by
the bourgeoisise fetties nowadays and it was plus point when she discovered I am
from Ethiopia... - More question? - No more, 'cause I have already
all the answers on this area specially experiences by such kind of chiefs who
need my massage... This is biology, too; bio-physique... - But why all these
lobbies hate Rainer Holm?.. Rainer is not immigrant.. - He registrated
because of the critics againt the system and projects.. - What kind of
system? Whose projects, whose rules? - Kidding? - ?!
- Different faces but same play on the dirty scenes!..
- That is right!.. Unfortunately, a crow goes but another crow comes...
Betrayers love eacht other and they always have supporters by the financial
lobbies... For example Sparbank, Nordea, Associates thieves Co,
Citibank/CitiGroup, even CSN and other similarly ziondominated betrayers,
- More dangerous than all other classical mafia examples... Because all these
liberalized instruments have both legal and illegal leagues, different faces on
the different scenes...
- Flexible fascism!..
- Not only this case and such victims, all the anti-imperialists
are the potentially criminals, according to the registrators of lobbies...They
are suspicious in all cases, on all the connections... - They are
suspicious perhaps only on our duties... Otherways I met an interesting gay, he
talks perfect Persian like a true Iranian citizen, practiced around of Gulf...
- Dehdari? Kamali? Tagawi? - Bijan Fahimi!.. This gay, Persian Zionist
case enough to explain any connections between many Swedes... Such "imported
instruments" help to compare with the opprtunities and opportunists for example
these persons systematically been discrimined: Staffan Ehnebom, Jimmie
Östergren, Ahmed Rami, Ernst Rainer Holm (regime critic worker, disappeared in
Gaevle city just after May Day 2003), Henrik Westander, Osmo Vallo (murdered by
police torture in Malmuu-city) and his prisoned brothers, Tony Deogan and
Anders Gustavsson (both murdered by system supported violence leagues and
prosecutors didn't accuse anyone because these poor boys weren't from
bourgeoisie cathegories in the community and both criticized sytem by any
articles before), Bengt Frejd, Olof T. Johansson, Sara Lidman, Calle Höglund,
Belay Mekkonen, Hannes Westberg, Linus Brohult, Sven Wollter, Gunnar Thorell,
Murat Yildiz, Bodil Margret Lindqvist, Staffan Beckman, Ísmet Celepli, Juan
Fonseca (when he hadn't concern so intensive interest on money), Ditlieb
Felderer, Stefan Hjertén, Stefan Dimiter Tcholakov...
- Is it dangerous to have same name? - Very riskable!.. Nephew Stefan
forced to be psyhico because one of the his relatives in Balkan were the
anti-Zionist guerilla leaders... One of the guerillas had same name forced for
Independent Makedonia and jailed by false accusations of two Jewish judges from
Bulgaria just after 1945. Guerilla leader had no possibility to defence himself,
Jewish judges published only the false accusations, including fictive movements
who leaned weapon from Germania under WW II. Although many corrupted judges and
prosecutors were the traitors, this power manipulated history; nobody succeed to
choose what is right what is wrong by medial campaigns... Guerillas, like
"Uncle Tcholakov" sentenced without any minimal evidence.. He died there... We
see another Tcholakov in Scandinavia, immgrated, but pursued and falled in
incredible troubles... This nephew Tcholakov, "immigrated heimatlos Stefan"
borned in 1944 as Dimiter, become a brilliant academical carrier in Sofia
university and fleed to SvekJa Kingdom, completed 180 university points but
prevented from work life, pursued, isolated, discriminated by the the Jewish
registrators, lobbies, specially the collaborators of Clas Lilja
"genetical-researcher Zionist clan" members in the Waexsjö city university...
I can add other figures, too; for example the victims from West Front like
Robert Malecki as true Vietnam deserter and as second category; Jan Myrdal,
Teddy John Frank, Frank Baude, Peter Bratt, (his cell-shared-comrade Jan
Guillou pissed off from lists because he is a multi-milliarder rich, reached to
be droged creatur at last), Dagmar Hagelin (been pursued by Zionist lobbies who
collaborated with dictators of South America and murdered there by fascist
military of Astiz.. Dagmar murdered because her father listed as Marxist and
very interesting now, his family affected by persecution, all the relatives
troubled similarly case and systematically hunting by the Zionist lobbies),
Torsten Leander (only this one pursued person compensed as symbolic maneouver),
Work Rights Fighters Jimmie Östergren from Högdalen and his ombudsman Bengt
Pettersson from Folks house Raagsved Ghetto district, Lilian Gustavsson who is
mother to Anders, 17, murdered by torture methodes of bulldog Anders Carlsberg's
fascist boys at Fyrshuset trainee center in Hammarby bourgeoisie area of
capitol. After that Anders Carlberg prized as Integration chief and poor mother
Lilian still betrays by the Jewish manipulation center Expo's "professional
- It looks like a living history...
- That is right and tv redaction collected much more figures, the names of the
victims, all the almost anti-imperialists... - The "Human enemies"
will not like to talk on such cases.. They hate the truth... - It's true!...
The profiteers of system hate human being... We collected here hundreds of
names... Count please the victims of Estonia ferry, which used to transferring
the nuclear weapons to the West and sinked by an explosion; prosecutors hunted
the criticer intellectuals not the criminal propagandists of Jewish
DN-Expressen-Menorah falsificators nor the boss of weapon markets...... Why thus
people counts in two different categories and what is difference between two
oppressed or only been registrated followed people I don't understand... But you
can notice much more if you visit Veritas Co. Veritas fraud league is a computer
and distribution which serve the falsificators, Swedes call him "Jankele Pirat
kopiormästaren!", means "Bitch falsificator masters' bastard"... - What
is common with all these plays? What is the connection but with our tennisplayer
monkey? - That is the question... They don't know anything and
therefore we are on the duty, means their unknowledge is our gain... -
Game?! - You need go to the ear specialist, my friend; Nordic climate
is not fit to your upside... - ?! *
- Please, my friend!... Take these coverages back to the archives!.. Explain
nothing there, outside;please! I'll do tanksgiving because I have only ond year
to be retired.. - Wait!.. Wait!.. My son and daughters already at AMS and
their fiancees fixed places at Länsarbetsnämnden, Migration teater's
integrationsverket.. It was difficult to be staff there, without any true exam,
nor really job interviews... We mustn't leave their situations on risk!.. - ?!
- I witnessed any related cases... But a woman who formated this explain she was
been guilt, instead of the suspected persons... Don't make laugh on such
stories, please!... One of these writers named Bodil Margret Lindqvist wrote a
saga/story and faced PUL when the Evangelist coup of Swedish church spioned
her... But folks insist to be solidarised with Bodil Margret Lindqvist... Dod
you know, why? Resistance against discrimination... Saga on Ulf BERG , for
instance, this saga is a strong file of Bodil's works... Saga-files are a kind
of action; yes, I should remember that Bodil Margret Lindqvist was VPK-follower
rebel... - VPK? - Vaensterpartiet kommunisterna.. Main European
leftist parties changed themselves but traditionally hate clans of zionist
imperialism didn'rt change the persecution process on the antiimperialists...
- They hate human being... - That's right!.. This is one of the
reasons; yes, she was a famous member by Communist Party... There are any
related explains on her own homepages what she been attacked and therefore
cleaned many pages..
An example about the first story pages of Bodil Margret Lindqvist:
Bodil's ordinary corrected (nicked A. Maria Oilworkerson) short reserv page:

Short story creations like Comrade Bodil's extra diary pages:
http://pub.alxnet.com/guestbook?id=2461207 There are many
solidaríty groups around such anti-imperialist figures for example, the readers'
notices to the story teller Bodil:
Bodil's close friend Comrade Jörgen "Snegroy" (second nick: Kennedy Palme)
built a support page:
- ...so far you works on Internet, it's possible that anybody try to manipulate
- That is right!.. Tere are many fanatics like "religious fanatic manipulators'
Livets ord" and other fascist leagues who attacking the anti-imperialists.
- Definitely!.. Bodil's works been attacked by Livets ord... There are many
server, like Maccabi Jewish staff and provocativa AFA (real Fascists who using
the Anti-Fascist labels) homepages... They still contunie to manipulate... This
is the true terror, advanced by technical support lobbies...
- Sometimes we see good friends, who show very useful solidarity for instance
Jörgen K.; he is Bodil's close friend, struggles well. - This is the
"True Living history"... - If you have any question so I recommend
you'll call to this civil-courage symbol, "Story-teller".. Here is the directly
phone: Bodil Margret Lindqvist tel. 48 03 e-mail:
031.3310815@telia.com - 031? - Mölndal, Vetlanda...
- Wet? Land? - Yes, it's is a piece of SvekJa Kingdom!...
- Even it's not acceptable!.. My heart says; "No!.." - What is most
unfair? - To be handled like the animals in the farm of George
Orwell.. Look at all these masters of swindler who have two-legs only
difference between the other kind of piggs... - I understand your
reactions!... But if you insist to go on the last two legs, riskable that you
can be sanctioned.. Did you heard that many people gone suicide? - Media
didn't explain...... - Whose media? Anyway there are many people, even
an ordinary list can take many pages of newspapers... Advertisements are
important than suicide victims, nowadays... - You mean that the system can
piss off... - Legalized cleansing by modernized methodes... Hundreds of
people commit suicide only in last year... - Human? - ?!

- ICCEES, The activities of the International Council have been supported by a number of corrupted staff of the grants from governments, institutions, and universities. - Swedish authorities? - Always!.. For example The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation is very generous to support the ICCEES. - I remember that this foundation gave very expensive gifts to the Nobel committee members, when they prized Kissinger and other Jewish murderers.. - It's the wealth of betrayed peoples... It seems look like the murderer pays ammunition of serial assasination by the victim's money... - Definitely!.. The Jews are very advanced to betray the masses... - Yes, it's.. They are the traditionally cold bloody and smart plunderers...
- Brain washing material produces by these foundations... Fake professur Julian Ilcki explains on the homepages of Uppsala university... Fascist Jew Ilicki, Paul Lewinsky couple and any lapdogs wrote a false history in 90s... Unfortunately, today's students studying such lessons without any minimal suspicion because it's almost copied from American Cold War propaganda matters and other capoitalist countries teaching same falsifications...
- Show me explanations of Julian Ilivcki, please!
- You are welcome, Sir! Here: http://www.soc.uu.se/staff/texts/tb
Julian Ilicki and his coup teaching a fake matter as "Living History"; here is theses uni-gangsters' own falsification words:
"Sweden and Jews:
History, Tensions, and Changing Relationships

A Research Project Proposal at Uppsala University, Sweden; reports by Prof. Tom R. Burns, Prof. Ron Eyerman, Dr Julian Ilicki, Prof. Jim Kemeny who working at Dept. of Sociology

Dr Paul Levine, Centre for Multiethnic Research, Prof. Rolf Nygren, Faculty of Law

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So far, applications for grants for this project during 1997 and 1998 from two major Swedish research financing bodies, the HSFR and The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation, had not been accepted. Therefore, the project could not be initiated.

Introduction and overview
Project Focus and Structure
Subproject I: Sweden and the "Jewish Question": Orientations, Policies, and Strategies vis a vis Jews and the Fate och Jews
Subproject II: Jews in Swedish Society: Strategies of Assimilation and Identity-Maintenance
Theoretical Approaches
Appendix I: Project Leaders, Staff and Collaborators
Appendix II: Biographies (in alphabetical order)
Appendix III: References

1. Introduction and overview
The project aids to investigate ways in which Sweden since the turn of the century has dealt with "the Jewish question", and reacted to – accepted, felt ambivalent toward, integrated, etc. – the Jews as individuals and collectivity, a population which has had a unique position in European mythology, history, developments and tragedies. The research would also investigate and analyze some of the major strategies of Jewish adaptation, assimilation, community-formation, and self-development. This is of interest not only in the study of particular features of Jewish culture but in the general study of immigration and assimilation, since Jewish immigrants have been particularly successful in integrating into Swedish society, while still maintaining their identity, even reasserting it over the past twenty years.
A major idea orienting the project is that a great deal can be learned about Sweden – Swedish culture, laws, and institutions and changes in these – through the study of its handling of, and relation to, Jews since the turn of the century. During this century, the fate of Jews has varied considerably, outside of Sweden, of course, but also inside. At times the developments inside and outside Sweden converged to a certain extent, other times not. In general, through a society's treatment of, and discourses about, minorities, one gains considerable insight into the character and functioning of its institutions, institutionalized values, its tensions and contradictions.

The interaction of Jewish individuals and groups, on the one hand, and Swedish institutions and publics, on the other hand, have been affected by major upheavals and developments in Europe. These include industrialization, the expansion of capitalism, the spread of liberal ideas, democratization and the diffusion of concepts of equality; two world wars, the rise of fascism and nazism, socialism and communism, in the post-war development of democracy and welfare, and more recently the re-emergence of economic malaise and the resurgence in Europe of extreme right-wing movements. This complex, dynamic history has linked Jews and Sweden – providing a focus for studying the complex, societal transformations affecting all European countries.

In this context, the question of the basic character – the explicit as well as implicit predispositions – of modern societies is relevant. In part, this concerns questions of the limits or vulnerabilities of modern, "civilized," "rational," and "democratic" societies. In the extreme, for instance, Bauman (1989) has suggested that genocide is endemic in the societies of the modern world, that, indeed, it is one of the hallmarks of modernity. At the core of Bauman's argument is the idea that "modern," "rational" societies tend to produce conditions under which the effects of individual actions are removed beyond the limits of morality. One may note also the tendency for institutional failure – some democracies fail to deal effectively with fundamental political or economic problems or conflicts; or institutional accountability becomes problematic (responsibility is difficult to pin down in highly complex, differentiated modern societies). Elias (1994, 1996) saw such problems dialectically, the interplay in modern societies of civilizing as well as decivilizing processes. How this interplay works itself out depends in part on institutions, institutionalized practices, concrete political and socio-cultural arenas and struggles. Societal developments are not unilinear, progressive. It is not a question of either an optimistic or pessimistic perspective. Elias (1994) warned in 1939:

"The armour of civilized conduct would crumble very rapidly if, through a change in society, degree of insecurityt existed earlier were to break in upon us again, and if danger became as incalculable as once it was. Corresponding fears would soon burst the limits set to them today."
Such a warning may be relevant in our own time of great transition, turbulence, and uncertainty as well as possibly substantial risks.

2. Project Focus and Structure
The project takes the "Jewish question" as a point of focus to investigate Swedish institutions and culture, and the evolution of Swedish society. It consists of two sub-projects: Subproject I focusing on Swedish policies, institutional responses, public attitudes and reactions to Jews, and the development of these over time; Subproject II focusing on Jewish immigrants, their strategies and adaptations, assimilation as well as identity maintaining patterns.

Subproject I: Sweden and the "Jewish Question": Orientations, Policies, and Strategies vis a vis Jews and the Fate och Jews
Subproject I concerns the orientations and reactions of Swedish authorities and the Swedish public toward Jewish immigration as well as the fate of Jews outside Sweden since the turn of the century. What position, policies, and practices did Swedish authorities, institutions and publics take toward Jews and Jewish groups inside of Sweden, those outside of Sweden, and the immigration or possible immigration of Jews to Sweden. The history can be divided into the following periods, at least as an initial point of departure.
1900-1933: At the end of the last century and continuing into the first decade of this century, there was a substantial influx of Jews from Eastern Europe in connection with pogroms and other forms of persecution in Russia and Eastern Europe. Already many Jews and Jewish families that had come earlier mostly from Germany were well-established in Sweden and successful not only in the business sphere but in public life. In the first decades of this century a number of Jewish scholars became prominent (national economics, medicine, law). Swedish-Jewish business ceased to be "Jewish". For instance, "Jewish" companies like Nordiska Kompaniet became less and less Jewish. Bonniers became a leading Swedish company. The development of liberalism and democracy in Sweden – growing internationalism, not least with exports – worked largely to the advantage of Jews in Sweden and to an openness toward Jewish immigration.

While Jewish immigrants were relatively successful at establishing themselves and integrating in Swedish society, there was reluctance long before the Nazis came to power to limit potential Jewish immigration (especially Eastern European Jewish immigration). Sweden passed its first law against unrestricted immigration in 1927 (somewhat later than similar laws in the U.S. and Great Britain) and renewed it in 1932 essentially unchanged. This law formed the basis for Sweden's negative policies of the late 1930s in response to the Jewish refugee problem (Hammar, 1964; Levine, 1996:102; Lindberg, 1973:36-38)

1933-1945: Two major catastrophes in Europe operated to counter the positive developments of the first decade of the 20th Century: High unemployment in the 1920s and early 1930s – and the continued threat of economic downturn – and the emergence of Nazism and the Nazi assumption of state power in Germany in 1933. These converged in that the Nazi rise to power resulted in substantial movements of Jews (as well as others) or potential movement, as individuals and families tried to flee Germany and later Poland and other Eastern European countries. At the same time many felt that an influx of refugees and immigrants would threaten jobs and threaten Swedish business. Small business associations (småhandlarna) and labor unions expressed negative views. Student opinion was particularly negative. In 1939 (February 6), the pharmaceutical students as well as others demonstrated against the "import" of Jewish physicians, dentists, pharmacists. February 17, the Bollhusdebatt which lasted 5 hours and rejected a relative balanced proposal of the Studentkåren (Student Representative body) and instead voted for an extreme proposal to block all "import" of intellectuals, when positions can be filled with merited Swedes. There was to be no help, even symbolic help, for refugees. In this same period, racist ideas in various formulations were influential in the state, communes and mass media and also penetrated the universities (e.g. in the formation of institutes of race).(1) That is, although Nazis did not come to power in Sweden, the influence of such ideas was not negligible, as for example the role of known fascists and anti-semites during the Bollhusdebatt. But it should be stressed at the outset that most Swedes recognized and supported a Swedish identity. Swedes were not Germans or Nazis (although there was considerable sympathy for Germany and Germans in some circles, for example in the Army). Brutal forms of public expression were typically not supported by the mainstream.

At the same time, many Swedish organizations and labor unions as well as journals and newspapers such as Göteborgs Handels och Sjöfarts Tidning and Trots Allt supported a liberal invandringspolitik and argued on humanitarian grounds for openness to immigration and tolerance. As is well-known, some Swedish diplomats such as Raoul Wallenberg as well as the Swedish Red Cross (1943 and after), among others, played an heroic role during World War II. Many Swedes and Swedish organizations played a key part in the rescue of thousands of Danish Jews (through the "Danska Dunkerque", Autumn, 1943) as well as Jews in Norway and Hungary.

1945-1970: The influx of Danish Jews during the war was followed at the end of the Second World War by a major wave of Jewish refugees. The Jewish population almost doubled. Sweden was generally positive to its Jewish communities. There was another influx, especially from Poland, in the late 1960s, largely intellectuals, university students, younger professionals etc. In this wave there were also many former communists, especially among the older generation (Schatz, 1991). They established themselves predominantly in professions, e.g. as medical doctors or university teachers. (Ilicki, 1988)

1970-present: Since the Six-Day war (1967) and particularly during the 1980s and 1990s, with the immigrations of large numbers of Muslim peoples to Sweden, views of "Jews" and Israel have been modified to some extent. Reactions to Israel's treatment of Palestinians – and to the Palestinian claims of human and political rights – have achieved some legitimacy in Sweden. These shifts are not, however, necessarily associated with anti-semitism. That is, they have had a minimal impact on Swedish attitudes toward its Jewish communities. On the other hand, the influx of substantial number of Muslim peoples, has provided cultural and institutional bases for new forms of criticism of Jews and even expressions of anti-semitism through, for example, Radio Islam, the Rami-Bergman affair and the process involving the Faculty of Theology, Uppsala University (Ilicki 1993; Arvidsson, 1994). (Who would have anticipated 20-25 years ago, that would emerge a quite new context for assessing Israel, Jews and Jewish culture, etc.?)

Key points and issues to be investigated:

There have been substantially different, even contradictory attitudes, policies, and responses on the part of Swedish policymakers and the public in different periods – with rather significant shifts over time. The history can be characterized as one where there has been a secular trend toward increasing receptivity, even positiveness in some respects, but also periodic ambivalence and inconsistent developments.

During the 1930s, as indicated above, there were demonstrations and restrictive policies against Jewish immigrants, especially among students and academics. Even if there was considerable opposition to Jewish immigration during the 1930s and 1940s, extremism was very limited. This also indicates special characteristics of Swedish political culture and identity. And Nazis could be labeled and condemned as "foreign" to "Swedish order or system".

Movements, in part reflecting external developments, in particular the successes and pressures of Nazism and anti-semitism, between 1933-1945, had some influence on the policies of the government. At the same time, there were other movements or counter-movements in Sweden which challenged any influence of Nazi ideology – even in the context of a persistent Nazi Germany threat. The role of leading 'intellectuals' and organizations such as Göteborg Handels och Sjöfarts Tidning (GHT) under Torgny Segerstedt are important considerations in this context. Within the Social Democratic labor movement, there were many who supported the international boycott against Nazi Germany for its anti-Jewish policies and persecution prior to World War II, but Prime Minister Per Albin Hansson rejected arguments that the government should support the boycott (Johansson, 1990:50-59; Levine, 1996:82-83; Nordström, 1972). Nevertheless, Hansson was fully aware of the dangers of Nazism for Swedish social democracy and skillfully used such fears to strengthen the labor movement and the party itself (Johansson, 1987:91-101) The key principle was to maintain Swedish neutrality. This overarching policy resulted in some statements and policies of the Swedish government appearing rather pro-German. This was the case even toward the very end of the war, although at the top level of the government, sympathies for the Nazi regime were in general low.

Many key Swedish government and non-government organizations and other actors (contra as well as pro) played a role over time in relation to Jews and Jewish populations in Sweden as well as outside of Sweden. There was considerable variation in orientation and action between different institutional domains, different agencies, between some elite actors and parts of the public, and even within prominent Swedish families such as the Wallenbergs. More specifically, what positions – and changes in positions – did Swedish institutions and prominent Swedish actors take with respect to Jews during the period 1933-1945? For instance, the response to National Socialist ideas in Sweden (Lööw, 1990); refugee policy (e.g. Lindberg, 1973), response to persecution of Jews (Koblik, 1987; Segerstedt-Wiberg & Lomfors, 1991); the shifts from indifference to activism in Swedish diplomacy (Levine, 1996; Runblad, 1975).(2)

The handling of the "Jewish question" points up Swedish conceptions of itself, its distinctiveness, especially in the area of political culture, humanitarian policies, international aid, its distinctiveness from other European countries, etc. but self-conceptions are not without ambiguity, inconsistencies, and ironies, in part because of substantial variation among Swedish institutions, political parts, non-government organizations including labor unions and employer associations.

Subproject II: Jews in Swedish Society: Strategies of Assimilation and Identity-Maintenance
Jews have lived in Sweden for more than 200 years. Before World War II there were only a few thousand Jews in Sweden. Today the number is estimated to be around 20,000 persons and Swedish Jewry is the largest in Scandinavia. The Jews of Sweden are the oldest immigrant group who managed to adapt well to the host society and, at the same time, maintain their own institutions and their identity as a distinct group.(3)
In coming to Sweden, many Jews have been particularly successful, economically as well as culturally, integrating and assimilating to Swedish society. One of our major questions concerns the particular strategies they have used to adapt, fit in, and succeed, at the same time some often maintaining one or another form of Jewish identity. What special skills and capabilities did they have or develop in this regard? Certainly, many came with skills and knowledge of commerce and business, professional skills, a strong orientation to education, and, among some, liberal and modernist sentiments.

It is widely recognized in studies of Jews and Jewish communities that many Jewish immigrants maintain or develop strategies to sustain Jewish identity (and some reactions from Swedish society reinforced this) at the same time that they pursue strategies of effective integration in the economic sphere, but also in the cultural and political spheres. The project intends to investigate factors playing a role in successful immigration – orientations, strategies, adaptations, roles, etc. – since Jewish immigrants, although relatively few in number, have been highly successful not only in business affairs. Most have integrated into the society and even acculturated to Swedish public and cultural life. At the same time, substantial numbers retain their identity as a distinct group.

Key Questions and Issues to be investigated:

We make use of the concept of cultural strategies, that is particular established strategies in a cultural repertoire. A working hypothesis is that Jewish immigrants utilized particular, more or less common strategies. Of particular importance among these has been institution building in establishing themselves, economically, socially, and politically. Also, types of integrating strategies are discernible, particularly in the areas of business, education, and culture, in part through developing and playing mediating roles between the host society and Jewish communities; in part skillfully establishing and developing Jewish social networks. Such networks may differ, however, from typical ethnic or friendship networks in that actors in them make systematic and effective use of particular rituals and normative frames in order to create commitments, obligations and rights as well as freedoms. What is the normative character of these networks. What role do particular Jewish rituals and discourses play in this are important questions.

Jews have often come as bearers of particular ideas, skills, capabilities, resources. At the same time, in some cases, they were perceived as competitors or threats to the native population or to other groups, either economically or culturally (in the latter case, this has to be specified). Many came with certain predispositions or strategies to build common institutions. Some of this was connected with concerned business and economic success, and, therefore, has been a factor in the successful integration of Jews into the society. Some of the strategies have also been oriented to public and cultural life – and led to the successful involvement of Jewish immigrations in academic life, in mass media, and in the public discussions of contemporary matters. Some of the strategies have been such to maintain group identity – through establishment or involvement in common institutions, formal as well as informal.(4)

In this Century, one important question concerns the extent to which those Jews already established in Sweden – and also those immigrating to Sweden – were preoccupied with "Jewishness" or Jewish identity. What developments and factors – inside of Sweden as well as outside – affected orientations to Jewish identity. To what extent did barriers and discrimination (even latent) in Sweden (its special networks, codes, and styles) – and particular Jewish strategies both "integrative" and "differentiating" – play a role in these processes.

The predisposition or commitment to maintaining and developing a Jewish identity has varied over time. It was common prior to World War II for most to acculturate to Swedish society. However, there were some counter-trends, with the emergence of internal disputes and movements (e.g., Zionism) concerning Jewish fate and identity, and the threat of Nazism (Hansson, 1988). Since World War II, there have been substantial generational differences among Jewish emigrants, both in terms of when they came, where they came from, what assets and resources (education, capital, networks) they came with.

The project intends to explore the role of Jewish intellectuals in identity formation and maintenance, whether Jewish identity, the identities of universalistic movements, or possibly both. In particular, to what extent did Jewish (established) intellectuals in Sweden play a role in maintaining identity and acting as spokespeople for Jews vis-à-vis Swedish society and the rest of the world. Another question concerns the role Jewish intellectuals played in more "universalistic" movements, socialism, communism and "modernism" in general in Sweden. This raises the question of a possible dual role for some of them: on the one hand, identity maintenance and articulation of Jewish communities and, on the other, intellectuals of universalistic movements; that is, people taking on the role of articulator of collective identity and collective interest in connection with social movements like anti-fascism as well as the labor movement in the pre- and post-war period and up to the present.
It has been pointed out that Sweden never really received many of the Jewish intellectuals that fled racism in the 1930-40s. Is this the case? One of our questions concerns the number and fate of any such intellectuals, especially in relation to cultural life and the universities in Sweden.

Apparently, most of those who came immediately after the 2nd World War struggled to be assimilated. The options were few and not very elaborated: few Jews (all-too-few to be a critical social mass), and a rather open Swedish society. The children of these families learned to be Swedish and many accomplished a great deal in the society. They were not classified in the general population as invandrare – although certainly, they were judar. There really was no generalized concept of invandrare. This only became a concept and general social category during the 1960s and 1970s.

Jews who came in the 1960s (especially from Poland) showed a different pattern (Ilicki, 1988; and Schatz, 1988). The discovery or awakening of "Jewish identity" among many of these, who had been leftists or radicals earlier. In other words, assimilation pressures – and readiness to be assimilated – were apparently stronger immediately after World War Two than in the late 1960s and after. In the later wave, tendencies toward differentiation and separateness were strong, both because of different types of Jewish immigrants but also because of changes in Swedish society.
In general, the project has access to and will make use of materials that enable an exploration of : (1) immigrant perceptions and experiences with Swedish institutions and authorities; Swedish publics and neighbors; their perceptions and understandings of Swedish policies, programs, and public reactions, particularly during and after World War II; (2) their utilization of particular strategies and adaptations in entering and making their way in Swedish life.

3. Theoretical Approaches
The project calls for a number of different theoretical considerations and efforts, as suggested by Elias (1996) in his treatment of the Germans and their Jews, the rise of Nazism, and the Holocaust.(5) Our theoretical approach is characterized by a stress on cultural factors such as collective identities: institutional and organizational features of a modernizing, developing society, strategic and entrepreneurial/innovative actions as manifestations of human agency both on the part of Swedish actors (individuals, elites, movements) as well as Jewish ones.
Entrepreneurs and strategic action in institutions and networks.(6) Social actors not only are carriers of and implement or realize institutional arrangements, rule regimes, collective identities. But they adapt these as well as introduce innovations in the face of new circumstances as well as new experiences and learning. The principle of human creativity (Joas, 1996) – and the idea of change agents and entrepreneurs (Baumgartner and Burns, 1984; Burns et al, 1985; Burns, 1994; Burns et al, 1994) – is important both in the study of Swedish institutional and policy responses to Jews inside and outside of Sweden, but also in the study of Jewish strategies of assimilation and integration (and also strategies of differentiation and maintaining separate communities). In such processes actors identify and exploit opportunities, niches, and arenas. They utilize existing networks and institutional arrangements, mobilizing people and resources. On the course of their actions and interactions they may innovate, e.g. in dealing with new problems or factors, or with actors who oppose them, trying to limit or block initiatives and developments. Thus, actions – even those carried out within conventional frames – may take on strategic properties and result in substantial or even radical changes, never anticipated initially by the agents of change, e.g. those who took the initiate to try to save Swedish and Norwegian Jews from the Holocaust, never realizing that this initiative in the politics of rescue would lead to attempts, successful at that, to save the lives of thousands of non-Scandinavian Jews in Budapest.

Cultural analysis: Cultural analysis not only focuses our attention on norms and values, moral commitments but classification schemes, conceptions of collective identity, notion of "we" as opposed to them, institutionalized or established strategies. Earlier we introduced the idea of cultural strategies, that are part of a cultural repertoire used by actors to deal with particular types of problems or problem situation. This applies as well to Jewish immigrants and communities in Sweden as to Swedish agencies and organizations in dealing with Jewish immigrants as well as refugees.
Also, in any study of a minority, attitudes and prejudices toward minorities are central. In this case, it is essential to examine the extent and character of anti-semitism in Sweden in this century (Hansson, 1988; Ilicki, 1992; Tydén, 1986), its roots in classification schemes, popular myths and images, and collective identity (Burns and Engdahl, 1997), and its particular features in the Swedish cultural frame (Lena Berggren, 1997). Recent scholarship indicate that in Sweden, as in all comparable Western societies, long before the rise of the Nazis, many respected and respectable elements of Swedish society were rife with racism and anti-semitism. Calls to keep the Swedish race "pure" were many and were made at the pinnacle of Swedish society. Excessive numbers of Jews in Swedish society would threaten purity. Although by the inter-war period Sweden's tiny Jewish population (about 6000) was well-integrated, few would claim that anti-semitism did not exist in the country, or that discrimination had ended (Levine, 1996:92; Nyström, 1991; Zitomersky, 1988).

Collective identity and its relation to individual identity is obviously an important concept in the study of Jews immigrating to and living in Sweden, but it is also essential in the study of the host society. Swedish collective identity in its simplest variant has tended to encompass those who belong here (including Swedish Jews or those having a close connection with Sweden). During the Second World War, this came to include fellow Scandinavians such as Norwegians and Danes but also Norwegian and Danish Jews that were seen to belong to broderfolk and, as such, had claims to the emotions of Swedish citizens, and to protective action on the part its government (Levine, 1996:140). The concept of a Swedish collective identity entails a certain historical continuity as well as change, development, progress are also part and parcel of the modern identity. Above all, Sweden has been characterized by its aspiration – particularly as defined by the social democratic labor movement – to develop a humanistic democratic society, rationality, modernity – rather than blood and violence (important ingredients in the self-conception of both Nazi and Fascist movements). The Swedish image served collective reflectivity – self-definition, self-aspiration, self-judgment – and the rejection by large parts of the population of fanatism, extremism, and violence. A rational, well-ordered society was not run by police, displays of violence, and a variety of forms of coercion but by a rational-legal logic where administrators, scientists, jurists, and soft-spoken, reasonable politicians deliberate and determine the best laws, polices, and programs for the future.

Institutional dynamics and modernization. During the 20th century, Sweden developed gradually into a modern, in most respects democratic, society institutionalizing new values, principles, and authorities. One must recall that the full development of parliamentary democracy took place in this century; 1921 women received the vote; only in 1945 those who were impoverished and wards of the state as well as those in bankruptcy obtained the vote. When the Social Democratic Party as part of a mass, labor movement came to power in 1932, this was part and parcel of a societal transformation which reinforced and developed democratic political culture and institutions (Hitler and the Nazi party came to power about the same time (1933) and directed Germany in an entirely different direction). In the further development of its political and administrative institutions – and political culture – Sweden largely pursued another course than the Nazi German development, even if Sweden was to a great extent pressured, threatened, and even seduced by Germany.
The concept of an "opposing other" became tolerable and institutionalized in public life, in part embodied a functioning parliamentary system, in part an active mass media. Open opposition was tolerated even during World War Two when Sweden came under threat, indeed a society in a potential crisis. A range of Swedish companies were pressured by – but without giving in to – German trading partners concerning the employment of, or ownership by, Jews. Of course, a number gave in to this pressure. Swedish mass media also developed its capacity for independent judgment and conducting a reflective and critical role in society – even in the face of threat. Some journals and newspapers were prepared to take up Nazi and criticize abuses and atrocities, especially those carried out against Swedes or those with connections to Sweden as well as other Scandinavians. A few persons and journals openly and persistently pointed to the Nazi evil. This set an example, in part giving voice to moral fortitude; it criticized "moral indifference" or "moral obtuseness" – at a time when it would have been much easier to lay low and accept a type of conformist societal and personal discipline. But even in government and quasi-government agencies, one could observe an important learning process taking place, although the general pattern of the 1930s left very much to be desired, since Swedish policymakers – and government administration – were largely indifferent to the fate of many hundreds of thousands of Jewish and other refugees during the 1930s in the face of Nazi terror. This is explainable in part by the usual inertia of laws, policies, and administration. There was already an anti-immigration law from the late 1920s. Refugees could not make special claims on Sweden, a sovereign state with a history of relatively small numbers of immigrants, and a conception of folkhem-Sweden. Moreover, the potential immigrants were perceived by many as a threat, as pointed out earlier. Hence, the criticism that in this period Sweden exhibited a certain "moral obtuseness" or "legalistic-administrative inhumanity" is arguably well-motivated.

A type of moral learning took place, a manifestation of moral and strategic entrepreneurship, although it was characterized by groping and trial and error. There emerged agents and voices that questioned and even dared to challenge the apparent Nazi Leviathan. A new sense of responsibility beyond the Swedish community emerged, first covering those directly connected to Sweden, later other Scandinavians (including Jews), and eventually others having no connection to Scandinavia. This development was situated, concrete. As German anti-Jewish measures reached Norway (and later Denmark), a new sense of responsibility emerged. This concerned Swedish sovereignty; it concerned responsibility for those defined as part of the Swedish collective, even if "Jews" or "Norwegians." Public-spirited bureaucrats, for instance public entrepreneurs at the Foreign Affairs Ministry took the initiative to develop strategies to deal with Germany brutality and inhumanity, even if such action involved no advantage to their careers (their personal advancement was not destined to advance or fall on the basis of their efforts to help foreign Jews) (see Levine, 1996 concerning this "bureaucratic resistance" to Nazi anti-Jewish measures).(7) Raoul Wallenberg, singled out for special international recognition, must be seen as part of a much larger development, based on earlier initiatives in Stockholm, Berlin, and Oslo of the Foreign Ministry. This initiative led to the development and utilization of a variety of strategies to counter Nazi racial policies and to save lives in Oslo, Vichy, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Budapest, that is to develop and to effectively play the "politics of rescue" (cf. Feingold, 1970). Negotiations on behalf of Jews became a "normal" part of bi-lateral relations with the Germans. Swedish diplomats could exploit an established international rule regime – international law and custom recognizing citizenship, passports, diplomatic rights etc. This regime became a basic for claim, argument, counter-argument in negotiations with German officials. The Swedish diplomats developed sophisticated strategies, engaged in hard calculations, and carried on special discourses(8) and bargaining vis-à-vis the Germans. A strategy was developed at first for Swedish citizens (including Jews), extended to other Scandinavians, and eventually to non-Scandinavian and stateless persons. These were discovery and innovation processes.

This innovations were important not only outside of Sweden in saving many lives, but were also important in the development of public morality and, ultimately, Swedish democracy. For the first time since Nazi Germany began persecuting its Jewish population in 1933, a sovereign state, Sweden, announced to the Germans – albeit informally and not yet for public knowledge – that it was willing to accept any Jew from a third country who could make it to the Swedish border – and many did in the period 1943-44 (Levine, 1996:139). This was a major development in the history of Jews in Europe, and calls for systematic analysis and explanation. But there is more at stake. As suggested earlier, in a complex, differentiated, modernizing society such as Sweden, the pattern of response to Jews, within and outside of the country, was not entirely clear-cut or consistent. Certainly, there are a number of blackmarks and tragic failings (which remain to be fully investigated and explained, for example, the forces behind trade and banking relations with Nazi Germany and which also played a key role (although divergent from the "politics of rescue") at the Foreign Ministry.

Within Swedish elites and key institutions and also between the authorities and publics, there emerged contradictory orientations, attitudes, policies, and reactions (Tydén, 1986; Valentin, 1964). In part, this reflected a differentiation in the society between more modern, universalistic (Gesellschaft) conceptions and particularistic (Gemeinschaft), conceptions. Many Jews brought modern commercial techniques and skills, competencies, contacts – which made them particularly useful in an industrializing and economically expanding and modernizing Sweden. At the same time they were also perceived as the "other", bringing with them "foreign" or peculiar cultural, political, and even economic ideas and strategies. Of relevance here is the particular Swedish responses to "other", and changes in these over time. The interaction between Swedish society and Jews emphasizes key transitions, dilemmas and predicaments in the Swedish modernization process of this century.

4. Methods
The research combines sociological and historical approaches and will draw on the very substantial body of research already available relating to Sweden and Jews:(9) numerous books, articles, dissertations, and other materials that sociologists, historians, and others have produced (including several members of the research team, for example, Ilicki, Levine, Schatz). Selective use will also be made of available archives in Sweden: Jacobowsky Collection at the Uppsala University Library (important for period 1900-1945, and among other things providing material on the Judiska Akademiska Klubben; Jewish Community archives (which have never been used before by researchers interested in the political, diplomatic, and cultural developments outlined in this proposal); archives of Socialstyrelsen concerning reception, assimilation and work possibilities of immigrants; Allmänna säkerhetstjänstens arkiv (based on telephone and letter censure during the Second World War); Justice Department's Bedömningsnämnd, a committee responsible for investigating officers' and other state employees' connections with and sympathy for Nazi Germany; Nordiska Museet collection of life history interviews of Jewish immigrants, in particular, their experiences in coming to Sweden and in establishing themselves in Sweden during and after World War Two; Red Cross Archive, Statliga arkiv; Steven Spielberg's Shoah Visual History Foundation (with more than a hundred interviews conducted in Sweden in the past year); Raoul Wallenberg-projektetssamling in the Uppsala University Library (consisting of more than 10, 000 pages of interviews of survivors from Budapest, who describe how, when, and why Swedish diplomats helped them to escape the final solution in Budapest; this archive has been created in part through the efforts of Dr. Paul Levine); Wallenberg Family and Bank Archive.(10)

5. Conclusion
The proposed project intends to provide a more comprehensive perspective than has been attempted thusfar, pulling together pieces and segments which have been produced separately because of limited research competence or the need to work within a narrow academic discipline. The project does not expect to answer all the important questions about Sweden and Jews, particularly in the critical period of the 1930s and 1940s. However, for the first time in the case of Sweden, it would launch a scientific, inter-disciplinary study – which aims to be comprehensive – of how one European country dealt with the movement and fate of European Jews, including its own Jewish communities. In addition to a comprehensive empirical investigation, it bring to bear theoretical and analytical tools with which to address a major set of empirical as well as moral issues of modern European history.
During the course of this century, in part in connection with dealing with the "Jewish question", Sweden defined its approach to modernization, its development of tolerance, its articulation of a humanitarian, democratic society, its pragmatic principalism (Heclo & Madsen, 1987) its ethics of responsibility (Weber, 1968). These are additional cultural constructions in this century that are revealed and developed in the course of dealing with "the Jewish question". At the same time, the influx of Jews in this century contributed also to Swedish modernization, not only by bringing new types of expertise and perspectives, but also new cultural forms, lifestyles, etc.

Products: Two reports, each of book size, for subproject I and II. Eventually, these will be put into book form, either as separate volumes or one single volume. Also a number of articles will be produced for scientific journals.

(1) "Race hygiene" was a label covering a variety of racist discourses.
(2) The Swedish Foreign office, in particular, was a complex arena, engaged in contradictory policies: at the same time that the Office played a strategic role in countering Nazi racial policies and saving the lives of thousands of Jews (Levine, 1996) it defended Swedish neutrality and strategic exports to Germany – the latter in the face of heavy criticism from the American government. In regard to Swedish exports to Germany contributing to the German war effort, Secretary of State Cordell Hull wrote in a letter to the U.S. Ambassador in London, J. Winant (who was deeply engaged in negotiations with Sweden) "...it must be emphasized that the trafic of iron-ore is the most important single contribution, in terms of raw material, made to Germany by any nation outside its pre-war borders." (cited in Levin, 1996:193). In the context of such an assessment, it is not surprising that the USA considered the use of military action to cut down Swedish exports of iron ore and, in any case, pressured Sweden.

(3) One of the first monographs dealing with the history of Swedish Jews was written by the Uppsala historian Hugo Valentin (1964, see also Kaplan, 1967). A demographic-historic study of the Swedish Jewry during the period of 1780-1980 was conducted by Joseph Zitomerski (1988). There are also a number of works describing Jewish life in specific towns or regions (e.g. Ivarsson and Brody, 1956; Fürstenberg, 1980; Ek, 1982; Besserman, 1984; Fischer, 1986; Sterner-Carlberg , 1994; Fischer, 1996). Other historians deal with anti-semitism in Sweden (Tydén, 1986) and the picture of Jews in Swedish press (Johanesson, 1988; Nyman,1988). Other work discuss Jewish identity (Gordon & Grossin, 1973; Ilicki 1988), the situation of Jewish refugees who came to Sweden during or shortly after the WWII (Glück, 1985, Gottfarb 1986, Lomfors, 1996) and Jewish contribution to Swedish cultural life (Broberg, 1988).

(4) Such stategies are not unique to Jews. Other groups (such as Chinese, Italians, and Gypsies) utilize institutionalized strategies – although substantially different in the different cases – in dealing with host societies.

(5) Another exemplar for the study of a society in relation to a major minority is Gunnar Myrdahl's An American Dilemma (1944).

(6) The concept of entrepreneurship is generalized beyond the economic sphere to cover the political, administrative, and cultural spheres (Baumgartner & Burns, 1984; Burns, 1994)

(7) Sweden's administrative culture – which emerged and developed in the course of this century – combined rational-legal characteristics with a type of moral engagement (a type of administration governed by ethics of responsibility, Weber, 1968). This is illustrated in the history of dealing with Jewish refugees.

(8) For instance, one strategy was to threaten the Germans with intense reactions of Swedish newspapers if a Swedish subject or native-born Swede were included in the Jewish transport. Later the same threat was used concerning Norwegian and Danish Jews. And the response, it was argued, would hurt Swedish-German relations (Levine, 1996).

(9) While at this stage of the project development, we have no explicit plans to conduct comparative studies, in the longer run we will develop a comparative project: first of the Scandinavian countries; and later strategically selected other European countries (In a Scandinavian perspective, of interest are: Blum, 1972; Goldstein, 1974; Mendelsohn, 1969-1987, among others). A key work in terms of an eventual comparative perspective analysis is Norbert Elias' last work, The Germans (1996), which brilliantly analyzes German identity, institutions, movements, and contemporary German History in relation to the Jews (who also played a substantial role in the development of German culture, the German econmy, etc.).

(10) There is a possibility that within the near future SÄPO's archive will be opened, at least for the period up to and including World War II.

Appendix I: Project Leaders, Staff and Collaborators
Project Leaders:
Professor Ron Eyerman, Dept. of Sociology, Uppsala University (20%)
Professor Tom R. Burns, Dept. of Sociology, Uppsala University (20%)
Professor Jim Kemeny, IBF, Gävle and Dept. of Sociology, Uppsala University (10%)
Professor Rolf Nygren, Legal History, Faculty of Law, Uppsala University (10%)

Dr Julian Ilicki, Dept. of Sociology, Uppsala University (50%)
Dr Paul Levine, Centre for Multiethnic Research, Uppsala University (50%)

Dr Jan Olof Björkman, Dept. of Sociology, Uppsala University
Ruth Fürst, Jewish Community in Göteborg
Svante Hansson, M.SSc., Paris
Dr Jaff Schatz, Institute for Jewish Culture, Lund
Professor Hanne Trautner-Kromann, Jewish Studies, Dept. of Theology, Lund University

Appendix II: Biographies (in alphabetical order)
Jan Olof Björkman, Ph.D., Sociologist. Universitetslektor and studierektor at the Dept. of Sociology, Uppsala University. His research in the field of race and ethnicity has dealt with the question of how the Swedish nation during this century has let race biology influence state government and civil society, especially what concerns questions of medicine, migration and welfare politics. He is the author of Från ras till ´folk´. Några drag i Howard W. Odums sociologi (1985), Ras och samhälle. Några drag i en nattstånden samhällsdebatt (1989) and Något om svensk rasism (1991).
Home page: http://www.soc.uu.se/staff/job.html
Tom R. Burns Ph.D., Sociologist. Professor at the Department of Sociology, Uppsala University since 1982; earlier Professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Oslo, Clarence J. Robinson Professor, George Mason University, Virginia, USA, 1987-1990). Burns has published more than 15 books and 75 articles in scientific journals and books. Among his books are Man, Decisions, Society (1985, co-author with Tom Baumgartner and Philippe DeVille); The Shaping of Socio-Economic Systems (1986, co-author with Tom Baumgartner and Philippe DeVille); The Shaping of Social Organization (1987, co-author with Helena Flam); Creative Democracy: Conflict Resolution and Policymaking in a World of High Science and Technology (1988, co-author Reinhard Ueberhorst); Societal Decision-making (1992, co-author with S. Anderson); Municipal Entrepreneurship and Energy Policy: A Five Nation Study of Politics, Innovation, and Social Change (1994, co-author with J. Ellig and A. Woodward). Burns has been a fellow at SCASSS (1992) and Wissenschaftszentrum (1985) and has received fellowships from NIMH, SSRC, och Russell Sage Foundation, among others. Since 1994, he has been a part of Prof. Rolf Nygren's project, "Invandrare möter svensk rätt".
Home page: http://www.soc.uu.se/staff/tom

Ron Eyerman, Ph.D., Sociologist. Professor at the Department of Sociology, Uppsala University since 1997, earlier Docent at the Department of Sociology, University of Lund; Professor of Cultural Studies, University College in Växjö. He is the author or editor of numerous books and articles, such as Intellectuals, Universities, and the State in Western Modern Societies (1987, co-editor with Lennart G. Svensson and Thomas Söderqvist), Social Movements. Contemporary Debates (1981, co-author with Andrew Jamison), Social Movements. A Cognitive Approach (1991, co-author with Andrew Jamison), On the Transatlantic Migration of Knowledge (1992, co-author with Andrew Jamison), Studying Collective Action (1992, co-editor with Mario Diani), Between Culture and Politics. Intellectuals in Modern Society (1994), Seeds of the Sixties (1994, co-author with Andrew Jamison). His latest book, Music and Social Movements (co-authored with Andrew Jamison), published by Cambridge University Press 1998, concerns the mobilization of tradition in social movements.
Home page: http://www.soc.uu.se/staff/rone.html

Ruth Fürst, Social worker, active in the Jewish Community (Judiska församlingen) in Göteborg. She is now preparing a project on what happened to those Swedish Jews who in their youth attended Jewish education in Sweden.

Svante Hansson, M.SSc., Political Scientist specializing in modern ideologies and Jewish Social Studies. He was one of the grounders of the Scandinavian Association for Jewish Studies (Sällskapet för judaistisk forskning) and was for many years editor of the scholarly journal Nordisk Judaistisk / Scandinavian Jewish Studies. He is author or editor of such works as Sionism. Idé, debatt, kritik - en antologi (editor, 1972), Moderna ideologier. Nio föreläsningar (1977), Moderna ideologier (editor, 1977), Politiska åskådningar. Klassiska texter (editor, 1978), Myten som vapen. Antisemitism, antisionism - två folks dröm om ett land (1986), Antisemitisk närradio. En granskning av Radio Islam (1988). Since many years he resides in Paris.

Julian Ilicki, Ph.D., Sociologist specializing in Jewish Social Studies. His doctoral dissertation at Uppsala University (Ilicki, 1988) deals with changes in the self-perceived Jewish identity among the younger generation of Polish Jews who immigrated to Sweden during the period of 1968-1972. He has also published chapters in anthologies and articles on Polish Jewry, Jewish identity and anti-Semitism (e.g. Ilicki, 1978, 1989, 1992, 1993). During many years he has been a part-time universitetslektor at the Dept. of Sociology, Uppsala University.
Home page: http://www.soc.uu.se/staff/julian

Jim Kemeny, Ph.D., Sociologist. Professor of Urban and Housing Sociology at the Institutet för bostadsforskning (IBF) in Gävle and Dept. of Sociology, Uppsala University. Besides his main field, he has long-standing interests in the sociology of power and comparative societies. He has published widely in international peer-reviewed journals, such as Acta Sociologica, British Journal of Sociology, European Journal of Sociology, Policy and Politics, Journal of European Social Policy and Sociological Review. Main-field publications include Housing and Social Theory (Routledge, 1992) and From Public Housing to the Social Market (Routledge, 1995). He is editor of Housing, Theory and Society (to be launched in 1999).
Home page: http://www.soc.uu.se/staff/jimk.html

Paul Levine, Ph.D. Historian and Holocaust specialist. His doctoral dissertation at Uppsala University (Levine, 1996) deals with the Swedish diplomacy reaction to the Holocaust. His masters thesis studied the Swedish Press concerning the Holocaust. He has worked with creating the Raoul Wallenberg Archive, Uppsala University Library, Uppsala University. At present, he is advisor to the Swedish Governmental Commission on the purchase of gold from Nazi Germany by Sweden during the WW2. He has also worked with documents which will form the basis of the first scholarly study of the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenbergs rescue action in Budapest in the end of WW2.

Rolf Nygren, Ph.D., Historian. Professor of Legal History at the Faculty/Department of Law, Uppsala University. Docent in History (1980), Archivist of the Swedish Parliament 1979-1981, Archivist in Chief 1982-1984, Professor of Legal History at Uppsala University 1984-. He is also (associate) member of the Council of Social Research, the priority committee on general welfare (incl. international migration and ethnic relations) and the committee on research ethics 1993-. Expert in the Parliamentary commission on data law 1995-1996. For the moment heading research projects on law in multicultural society, on employee's freedom of expression, and on immigrants and Swedish legal system.

Jaff Schatz, Ph.D., Sociologist. He has obtained his Ph.D. at the Lund University 1990. His doctoral dissertation describes the generation of Polish Jews who became communists in the first decades of this century and immigrated to Sweden during the period of 1968-1972 (Schatz, 1991). At present, he is head of the Institute for Jewish Culture in Lund.

Hanne Trautner-Kromann, Dr. Phil., Philologist. Professor of Jewish Studies (judaistik) at the Faculty of Theology, Lund University.

Appendix III: References
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- This is only one page... Terrible!... They are teaching (!!!) the new generation by such lies... What is your comment?
- Shame on university!... I saw many Jabotinsky, many liars in Tel Aviv and Jew York but here, I must say that Julian Ilicki is master piece and nobody can lie so clever... Where stidied he?
- In Polonia at a special school in a kind of Job Center, perhaps, Auschwitz or Treblinka...
- But the authoprities of Polonia declared that Julan Ilicki never studied there... Schools aren't exist and Job Center Treblinka, Majdanek etc were closed when Julian Ilicki borned...
- I saw many Jews talkindg on faculties that they never visited and coludn't find the right place on the map... There are many Jews saying studied in the villages of Polonia but the mayors explain that they have only primary schoolols there instead of universities.. Otherway the Jews who came from Hungaria, didn't say any name of school although they bought the diploms by boss Wallenberg...
- I know!.. I know!.. Leif Sillbersky is Sweden's most bloodsucker advocate but he gave a name, a Job Zentrum "Wichy KZ", but it was lie because such Job Zentrums never existed...
- Okay! We can imagine that all the Jews studied at the Job Zentrum's faculties... Imagine that all the Jews really fixed the true diploms.. What shpould we say for today's Job Centers for example settled in the South Stockholm, calls Skaerholm's Vårberg'nbelsen rival?...Poor Adolf Hitler gave job to all the Jews but today's Zionist capitalism rehistrated a half million hum,an in the Sweden, tittled; "Jobless"... Thers are many Job Centers in the capitalist countries, which Jews and collaborated lapdogs dominated, but these centers giving "No Job" to the registrated oppressed intellectuals... The true academicians waste lives there, for instance in Skaerholm Vårberg'nbelsen under control the fascist chiefs... Meanwhile fake professurs washing the brain of young generatioins.. This is the main difference between Julian Ilicki's National Socialist made Treblinka JobZentrum and today's true Konzentration Lager in the capialist hypocrisy hell, like Sätra and Skärholmen Vårberg Jobbcentrum. - This is the "Living History", truth!.. But fascist Jews already dictate the fabrications, instead of the living truth... They betray whole world by all the satanistic possibilities... I understand now netter why ICEESS support such foxies... They are not the ordinary liars.. They are all the best of the master liars!.. Julian Ilicki explains himself at the first pharagraphs that they fixed a new fake history and swedish institutions been betrayed in the beginning of new Millennium; listen to him, please; "this project supported by the two major Swedish research financing bodies, the HSFR and The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundations" etc. ...
- What does HSFR mean?
- Another one zionist dominated foundation. HSFR means "Humaniora,samhällsvetenskap, forkningsinformations rådet"...
- Robbery masked by the legalized titels like foundation etc!..
- Definitely... Corrupted Nobel committee gave this inspiration...


- I wonder what is the reason this story-teller uses a strange grammar.. Bad
english, according to the web administrations.... Worst than my chief's school
english level...
- I understand you, too!.. But you know, I met this autor, a clever girl who can
talk wonderful.. I mean, she is a successful person when she talks plenty
fluently on other matters...
- But why this girl tells her story in so incredible strange english?
- I try to explain!... Yes, I asked her about this flat language... She replied;
"When I wrote in correct english, pissed off by the bourgeoisie dominated
media"... So, after this explain I checked it and witnessed that she has
- I wonder the majority been masochists nowadays?!
- Ye', it is stranger than language!... ... Maybe we are living in a period
there bourgeoisie living a social sickness like mass masochistical delusion
system... We piss off the normally attitudes...
- Also, you mean the autor aims to write good tales in bed grammar to fix the
barries of establishment on this sick medial world...
- Approximately...
- But she make folks laugh!... Please, watch this clip, super irritable bad
english.. She makes me laugh, too!...
- Sure!.. Story teller aims it... Otherwise, you are a living evidence that she
succeed to make laugh you like any other pieces of this oligarchical system!..
- What!?..
- ...and at last this story teller added that she believe in "Mankind changed
so much, nowadays civilizated people mostly looks like a kind of animal who can
learn during laughing"...
- ?!


- This broadcasting clip remind me of "the Invisible Writers".
- What does "invisible writer" mean?
- Many years ago I knew a grizzled old playwright named Ray. He lived off state
disability checks, carried his manuscripts in brown paper bags, and drank cup
after cup of black coffee, which I poured for him from behind the counter of the
coffee shop where I worked. He had one piece of advice for me: "Read Othello.
If you want to be a writer you must first read Othello." Ray was a blue-collar
guy who had never gone to college, but he had read Shakespeare, checked out from
the public library near the furnished room where he lived. Ray understood plot
because he had lived and experienced it. He was a born writer. Over the years
I've met a diverse collection of writers who have never been published or earned
any academic credentials, yet whose claim to the title of artist is genuine.
These invisible writers are soldiers and bakers, convicts and salesmen, winos,
hairdressers, firefighters, farmers and waitresses. Their only qualifications to
literary authenticity are their writings and their desire to write. Often the
only time they have is stolen time, and their private scrawls end up on cocktail
napkins, penciled in the margins of receipts, on any piece of paper handy. I
got to know Tom Carson during the first Gulf War, shortly after his platoon had
been sent to Kuwait. We never met in person. He had written to a co-worker of
mine who had moved on, leaving no forwarding address. When I saw the U.S.
military return address on Tom's letter, I decided to answer it myself. We began
a correspondence that lasted through the war and after he returned to Fort
Benning, Georgia. During a hectic two months, Lt. Carson wrote 39 poems. His
themes were the regimented insanity of military life, isolation and loneliness,
the wind and rain of his soul. Carson wrote his lines in rare solitude, in a
barracks or a tent. During the day, he told me, the thoughts gathered in his
head; he censored them but the forbidden words found expression anyway, for even
the U.S. Army cannot discipline the imagination. People imprisoned in
stultifying, menial jobs can summon, with even a minimal command of language,
something entirely private, unfettered and incalculably powerful. Most
importantly, it is something of their own creation that cannot be taken away.
The sense of purpose and identity that comes with being a writer, creator of a
private world, can be life altering. I've known truck drivers who are
natural-born storytellers; fishermen who paint starkly beautiful word pictures
of life on a crab boat in the Bering Strait. I met a barely literate ex-convict
whose short story about losing his wife and child in a revenge killing for a
gang crime he'd committed was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever read. I met
a ex-alcoholic who wrote about being abandoned by her husband. In a few simple
paragraphs this uneducated woman in her mid-50s expressed a universal sense of
loss in an entirely unsentimental fashion; something that cannot be taught in
any MFA program. My own father, a novelist who was never published, once wrote
about being fired for writing on the job – a chronic problem in his lifetime. He
worked on an assembly line in a factory that manufactured radios, and the
foreman caught him writing one day while the neglected radio parts moved past
him on the belt. "I was only half a radioman," wrote my father. "In my heart, I
was a poet." As Chester Himes wrote in "The Quality of Hurt": "No matter what I
did or how I lived, I had considered myself a writer....It was my salvation. The
world can deny me all other employment, and stone me as an ex-convict...as a
disagreeable, unpleasant person. But as long as I write whether it's published
or not, I'm a writer." I met Celia at a roadside diner, where she cooked greasy
breakfasts for travelers whose faces she'd never again see. Writing, for Celia,
was a way of being elsewhere, of undoing, undreaming, her mundane daily life.
The monotony of her job and the deadening rituals she performed daily were the
inspirations for the poems she scribbled on used order tickets. To hate your job
and do nothing about it is a failure of imagination: a true life sentence. A
Frenchman I know who was a maitre d' at one of the Washington's finest
restaurants, possesses a novel he composed in the twilight time between the
lunch rush and the dinner hour. His joy on writing it was immeasurable. That it
may never be published did not faze him. The point is that he created it. He
finished it. It is his. "Fiction completes us, mutilated beings burdened with
the awful dichotomy of having only one life and the ability to desire a
thousand," Mario Vargas Llosa wrote. I've often looked for my old playwright
friend Ray's name in print, but have never seen it. I imagine him sitting in a
coffee shop somewhere, brow furrowed as he revises lines of his latest play,
completely absorbed in the world of his characters. I'm sure it frustrated Ray
at times, that his work went unrecognized, but it never occurred to him to quit;
just like it would never occur to him to stop breathing. It is not strictly a
tragedy that Ray's plays, the maitre'd's novel or Celia's poems remain
unpublished. Much of the work comes into being for private reasons of the heart.
If every sentence that was written was printed and bound we would drown in a sea
of words – as it is, thousands of books are hastily published, barely read and
forgotten. Writing itself is the aim, for it is writing, not publishing, that
transforms individual human experience. To write, even in obscurity is
worthwhile. As Samuel Becket put it, writing is a way of leaving "a stain upon
the silence."
- It's true!.. Wonderful described and we are listening a kind of the "stain
upon the silence", just here...

- Tv team prepared an additional clip on this subject, people can watch the ridiculous faces of the cloakrats who weared "professorial chairs".....
- Let's watch it!.
....and the main "educated manipulation rats" figures (these have both Swedish and American/Britannian/USraeli passports) of the Neo-Zionist Coalition who been recruitee for USraeli aims); so called "professurial" figures, means "Administrative Rats at the judaized universities" spread like the plague; these human-faced dangerous animals still working for the zionist aims instead of science&education:

University (!!!) of Uppsala:

Mats Åberg: his wife is American propaganda staff, works for USA, code: ass., 00.46.18. 471 27 89

Dag Blanck; chief provocative instrument in Uppsala. Dag Blanck is most "loved", most experienced as "immigrant history falser" and most referred at the Jew dominated universities in USA, Britannia, AUSraelia, too. Dag.Blanck@multietn.uu.se

Stéphane Bruchfeld, very famous at university areas as "prufessurial histoireförvanskar kopplaren". Stephane.Bruchfeld@multietn.uu.se are the most dangereous staff who stilll procude lies on the genocide issues.

Nedim Dagdeviren (again, here too), "guest-!!!"-teaching-instrument-, works as Chief, registrator against the immigrants ... and many other servers... by this way, these traitors
drive any groups, available to see the groups as the collected links, here:

Kristian GERNER, Zionist propaganda coordinator.

Satu Gröndahl, researcher / Expert to provocate on the Kurdish subjects, 00.46.18. 471 63 96, Satu Gröndahl has been performed to collaborate with "Middle East originated clan members" for example collaborates with Mohammad Mana Aghaee, Persian originated neo-Zionist. Mohammed works nowadays as same university; but not as cleaner, or disher; absolutely he took "prufessorial chair", lika all other "imported experts"....

Sadia Hassanen, Arab-Jew traitor, fax 00.46.18. 471 23 63

James Houston; imported American Negroe...active mostly in Malmö; produces news at Lundean-Evangelian propaganda redaction.

Leena Huss: always beside "Husse". Works at Finnish manipulations sect. , 00.46.18. 471 23 61, Leena.Huss@multietn.uu.se

Inga-Britt Isaksson Faris, researcher.ass., 00.46.18. 471 23 67

Per Jegebäck, redacteur, 00.46.18. 471 23 64, Per.Jegeback@multietn.uu.se

Masoud Kamali (again, here too...), researcher (don't make me laugh!), Iranian Jew, 00.46.18. 471 63 94, masoud.kamali@multietn.uu.se

Anders Linder Laursen: e-post: andersll@uadm.uu.se

Ivana Macek: Hungarian hungry mouse at UU, imported virus like many others... She is one of the profiteers swho driving the industries around paper boss Raoul Wallenberg&Holocaust falsery... Phone: 63 91 Ivana.Macek@multietn.uu.se

Kjell Magnusson, univ.rector on internationell migration and ethnical relations, 00.46.18. 471 23 62, Kjell.Magnusson@multietn.uu.se

Thorleif Pettersson, prof, researcher, 00.46.18. 471 63 94

Hans Ingvar Roth, researcher, 00.46.18. 471 63 92, Hans.Ingvar.Roth@multietn.uu.se

Harald Runblom, prof. on history, 00.46.18. 471 23 60, Harald.Runblom@multietn.uu.se

Jasenka Trtak: researcher, ass., 00.46.18. 471 75 90, Jasenka.Trtak@multietn.uu.se

Andrzej Nils Uggla: He represents the clan members as Polish-Rus-Hungarian (plus, recruited Gypsi) traitors and therefore been prized as "rector chair"... Phone: 00.46.18. 471 27 88, His relatives always have similarly opportunities in Scandinavia for example Magnus Uggla been pumped as "musician" without talent but sells good. Simply, a kind of "Family affair", but always it costs oppressed people's lives in such manipulated sattellites, specially in SvekJa bastard Kingdom. Andrzej.Uggla@multietn.uu.se

Julian Iljitzki: Polish-Rus provocator. Very dangerous cynical "operative instrument" of World domination aims, infiltred university... Zionist propagand coordinator, been top chief at UU.

Paul Levine: Expert to produce Fascist Jewish Cold War lies, serves other chiefs and seems often beyond the master liar Stéphane Bruchfeld E-post: Paul.Levine@multietn.uu.se

Gunilla Oberg-Backman, willing secretary of the lobbies,

Gunilla.ObergBackman@multietn.uu.se Fax: 00. 46. 18. 471 23 63 Tel.:
00. 46. 18. 471 23 59

Inger Österdahl: ICJ-Sect member...

University (!!!) of Goetheburg:

Ingrid Lomfors: föreståndare för Grundtviginstitutet vid Goetheburg uni.

University (!!!) of Stockholm:

Arne Ruth: chief at Journalist School of Stockholm; föddes 1943, enögda sion svin fanatikern. Chief at Journalist School of Stockholm

Bahman Garemani; imported Iraqi traitor, KurdZionist, produces propagand articlesagainst the Arab/African peoples, imitates letter-sender to the editorial fascists for example D.N. on 17 may 2004; praised as "fil. Kand., Statsvetenskapliga institutionen", at StockHomo uni. settled in Bromma.
Elias Seyoum: library ass., 00.46.18. 471 27 89, Elias.Seyoum@multietn.uu.se He works nowadays at Stockholm uni. library and spread legalized weapons of Zion lobbies like the "Living history Cold War publications" 87 61 elias.seyoum@levandehistoria.se Tomas Kertész: library ass. He works at Stockholm uni. library and spread legalized weapons of Zion lobbies like the "Living history Cold War publications" Tomas Kertész
collaborates with close staff Elias Seyoum and these mice worked most effective when lobbies fixed Nobel Prize Literature 2002 to his relative Imre Kertész. Well, it looks like a family affair, but under control of Godfathers Zion Wiesenthal&Human Butcher Ariel Sharon..

University (!!!) of Lund:
David SKOG: propagandist, tried to bite the shoes of Professor David IRVING. david.skog.899@student.lu.se

Stefan Dominique, som undervisar i modem hebreiska och i Mellanösternpolitik vid universitetet i Lund. Han kamouflerar sig som Mellanösternexpert och massmediafotskare, Stefan Dominique, aktiv inom Svensk Israel-Information, samarbetar med Samfundet Sverige-Israel, och utger skriften "Brännpunkt Israel". Denne sionistiske filur arbetar också samtidigt som kontorschef vid Judiska Församlingen i Malmö.
Lars Dencik: judiske sociologiprofessorn skriver i Judisk Krönika, nr.3-1997, under den talande rubriken "Chic att vara jude" och berättar om denna trend och hur: "[...] kända svenska publicister och scenartister nu träder fram och deklarerar sin judiska tillhörighet. Även om den, som hos några av dem, består i att man putsar upp sin judiska fjärdedel, eller hur stor den nedärvda fliken nu kan vara, och (för en tid) låter den överglänsa de andra delarna av ens själ i offentligheten."
Mette Grage: borned on the Malmskillnadsgatan (open Brothel street of zion controlled liberal sex market systems). Mette's mother is Jew but fathers are all different anonymous rich sex customers like all other typical Swedish zionist horny products... Absolutely this parasite too has prized as "doctor-titel" at Lund uni. This travestity bastard deal the research results on the Chemical Physics, still transfer smuggled knowledge to his "true fathers"... This racist doggie works (!) at Copenhagen uni too and collaborate Tel Aviv league members for instance sends top secret info specified on the Fractional Kinetics in Transport and Relaxation subjects, uses still by the Yossi Klafter School of Chemistry Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv, 69978 USrael. Phone of whore bastard MG: fax: Parcel address: Chemical Center, att. Mette Grage, P.O. Box 124, 22100 Lund, Sweden. Alternative e-posts: mgrage@kl5.ki.ku.dk, mette.grage@chemphys.lu.se
Jesus Alcála: ICJ-Sect member, international betrayer, punished when he robbed the humanitarian money of Paraguay... He was been punished when he tried to take whole money, "alone"... The Jewish lobbies exposed him when they marked that he living luxory holiday with "humanitarian bills"(!!!)... Otherway they never created troubles each other... Wilhelm Agrell: ICJ-Sect member, Jesus Alcála's lobby and been enemy when he discovered that Alcála didnn't share the robbed money at last time...Well, "family affairs" and Godfather acts at least, "family members" begin support each other (again)... Sven Tägil, Professorn i empirisk konfliktforskning, skriver i den projudiska boken "Judiskt liv i Norden" (Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia Multiethnica Upsaliensia nr.6, Uppsala, 1988, sid. 23), att "[...] dels har också de gamla mer eller mindre assimilerade grupperna [av svenska judar] börjat intressera sig för sina "rötter", sin identitet, [...]."
- Lund university infected seriously for instance here is the one of the latest documentary clip... You see, the Fascist Anti-Laponians who collaborate with the dangerous networks of Zionist profiteers :
Sverker Oredsson and his collaborated whore Mikael Tossavainen These "professurial chair" prized shurks earn salary in Sweden, Lund university; but both two instruments are officially registrated staff at USA-Conservative Republicans propaganda section, too. League's HQ adress is; FreeRepublic, LLC, PO Box 9771, Fresno, CA 93794, California-USA and Americans are angry such USraeli instruments, who using Swedish passports and so freak, so free provocate, undermine the communities worldwide. Both are working as History professor (!)... Their translator is Mårten Barck who still at work in USA and this bark doggy has three different passports, third job (as provocator in the Tibet league, joins attacking China), as a little difference... Mikael TOSSAVAINEN has many different works in many different countries for example he counts as teacher at Hebreiska university in the occupied Qudüs. This puupy joined many projects in East Europe and cooperated there with another propagandist instrument, Klas Göran KARLSSON. TOSSAVAINEN calls him "min handledare" on such propaganda works and continues in Svekish langauge; "professor Klas-Göran Karlsson vid historiska institutionen på Lunds universitet, strävar efter att analysera hur Förintelsen har behandlats och tolkats i historiekulturen i en rad europeiska länder. Till de länder som ska undersökas hör till exempel Sverige, Tyskland, Österrike, Ryssland, Ukraina, Polen, Storbritannien och - i mitt fall - Israel." Attention, TOSSAVAINEN marked here that "mitt fall" for ZOG, means he counts the OZG as his "own case"...
- Like my Grandfader's biggest dog.. We run a farm and there was many doggies... Biggest one saved the matters as a piece of its own body... TOSSAVAINEN serves his farmers-owners so eager like our biggest dog...
- Same character, although the matters and places are only different!...


University (!!!) of Örebro:

Farzaneh Dehdari: Iran's most famous whore, practized in Tel Aviv and get diplom at Stockholm uni in 1991, been admnistrative member of ICJ-Sect in 2003 and accepted as "jur kand, universitetsadjunkt" at Örebro uni. Sweden is a golden brothel for Jewish whores, they get first any uni diplom and then begin to learn a bite simple language...

Joakim Nergelius: DEHDARI clan's close ponce... ICJ-Sect "chairman", experienced on the juridical manipulations, suspect about the juridical cover smuggle directly from Belgique and Geneva centres... He is very clever and experienced on such works(!)...
Pablo Andrés Torres-Vargas: Argentinian import product. Borned in 1977. Pablo is a
"doktorand" in Örebro-city, University of Örebro 70182-SWEDEN. Hobbies of
Pablo Andrés Torres-Vargas: Military-sabotage technics; effective Methodes of
Militant actions against the authorities. E-post: c/o. Uni.:
janerik.gidlund@rk.oru.se Metro ins. as Anti Palestina prop. July 2001 Any
Provocative Appeals composed and signed by Pablo Andrés Torres-Vargas (we, whole
Torres-Vargas family escaped from Fascist Military Dictator Idiot George Videla.
All the Fucking Fasciojews reminder Fucking Videla). This is a typical ffolish
manouver evidence what Argentinian fascists experienced...


University (!!!) of Växjö:

Attila Lajos: (Växjö uni. Historia linjen/Institutionen för humaniora) Borned in Klausenburg, Transylvania; registrated as Hungarian; came to Sweden in 1995 and become "professor" at "Historia linjen, Växjö uni." utan ens visa en enda riktig exam... E-post: Attila.Lajos@hum.vxu.se Telefon: 0470-708240

Clas Lilja: Famous Zionist Clan "Lilja"s member and their main interest is "Bio-genetical research" and information theft... Lilja Clas, ankn 8723 dozent, prized "rector chair" and already works at bio-sciences at Vaxjö university, main suspect chief about "bio technical info smuggle to USrael"... Clas.Lilja@ibp.vxu.se

Malin Thor, FM, doktorand (Växjö uni. Historia linjen/Institutionen för humaniora) Arbetar på en avhandling om den arbetarsionistiska rörelsen Hechaluz' verksamhet i Sverige. Hechaluz var en del av kibbutzrörelsen och ville utbilda sina medlemmar för ett framtida liv i Palestina/Israel. Avhandlingen har tre undersökningsområden. För det första undersöks hur man i början av seklet och fram till staten Israels utropande 1948 inom den arbetarsionistiska rörelsen teoretiskt konstruerade den blivande israelen. Avsikten är att undersöka hur man inom Hechaluz och den arbetarsionistiska rörelsen tänkte sig och beskrev hur den blivande israelen skulle se ut, bete sig, arbeta och leva samt hur utbildningen av tyskjudiska ungdomar till israeler gick till. Avhandlingens andra undersökningsområde som för närvarande kallas "Att sluta vara tysk och bli israel - och det på den svenska landsbygden" undersöker i vilken utsträckning det var möjligt att leva och verka som blivande israeler inom de strukturer som Nazityskland och Sverige utgjorde. Avhandlingens tredje del som i skrivande stund kallas "Att leva konstruktionen" avser att undersöka hur livet gestaltades för de Hechaluzmedlemmar som faktiskt tog sig till Palestina/Israel och på vilket sätt vistelsen i Sverige har påverkat deras identitet. Genom att arbeta med oral history intervjuer hoppas jag i min analys inkludera Hechaluzmedlemmarnas perspektiv, både som grupp och som individer, när de och jag försöker förstå och förklara de olika migrationsförloppens inverkan på deras liv och etniska identitet... Malin Thor undervisar i migrationshistoria. Må minst hundra gudar bevara de riktiga immigranterna...Utförligare forskningspresentation Phone: 00.46.470.708927 E-post: Malin.Thor@hum.vxu.se

Lars Hornborg: coordinates enormous IT propaganda opportunities by the fake professurs... This daare serves like an eager whore under all above figures... He runs a firm: Hornborg IT & Co AB, Rävabacken, 360 32 Gemla-Vaexjö Tel:+46-470 707830 Fax:+46-470 707831 Mobil:+46-70 5857046 E-post: lars.hornborg@hornborg.net

...another little rats under royal ships like Umeaa, Luleaa, Örebro, Södertörn-Huddinge, Linköping high(!!)schools:

... and much more tittled rats like traitorous Iraqian, Persian; Kurdish, Syrian/Assurian, Lebanese hired lapdogs called before as for example, Durusoy Yazan (imported as fake immigrant and declared that he fleed from the Kurdish territories but detected later that he don't know any single word as Kurdish, like many others), he should expel but been prized by his collaborated lobbies, works now at UU... Ferhad Shakely.........
Barbro Osher, Pro Suecia Foundation, San Francisco, när Expo krossade sina fönster själv, skickades solidaritets (!) , money from USA under code account, labelled "Osher"... Barbro's "officially husband", as registration is Phyllis Cook, executive director of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund in San Francisco. He collect money and support a fake museum in Copenhagen. Danish Jewish Museum in Copenhagen's lobby address in USA: Friends of the Danish Jewish Museum, c/o FLAME, P.O. Box 59359, S.F., CA 94159-0381.


CEIFO, Centrum för invandringsforskning falsification centre:
Marina Taloyan presenteras som CEIFO-forskare och kurd från Georgien, bosatt i Sverige sedan 1991. Eftersom hon mycket "clever and eager" att slicka judiska chefernas penisar och skitiga ass af deras mätress blivit "never an ordinary jobseeker"!.. Tvärtom, jobbet som söker sådana självanpassande instrumenter exempelvis hon sattes om förföljelse apparat att sprida hotpropagandan om manipulerade nazistiska, manipulerade antisemitiska och manipulerade rasistiska hemsidor på Internet.


"Ministerial chair" as corrupt?! Who is this dirty instrument, really? Who is that GAY Ibbe, "Education Ministry of SvekJa Kingdom, which called the satellite shurkland of USraeli Imperialism, instead true democrasy"?

- Documented by the tv-team!..Here is the sensational clip on this dirty affair of ZOG!..
- Let's watch it!..
- Welcome!.. ...and the most freak "multi-culti" profiles of Jew dominated media, contains the brutally pedophiles, homosexual-lesbian whores who still working as "polit-whore-toys" of judaized imperialist system.. Also, Tv Independent Laponia team prepared a clip on the Male Whores&profiteers of thus kinky market&support services&boss and the "best sellers&main customers" figures who still working for Zionist Imperialism:(famous examples, like:)
First at all, we witness an organized "male-whore-brithel" of system, calls for "RFSL".. It's administration arranges "legalized"- fucking festivals...

Watch this clip and look at this freakness, please, for example all these "prized" whores; Imported Zionist immigrants who using their ass to make money for example Elisabeth San Martin (female faced gay whore representative) imported from Chile and settled in Eskilstuna city.. elizabeth.san.martin@rfsl.se
- I am waiting for "educational corruption" seanses!..
- Well, here is the "educational dirtiness"!.. Catch-boy of Ibne-system; homo-whore Ibbe"... Abraham BAYYILAN: Who is that GAY Ibbe? Who is this dirty instrument, this freak import-figure, also, system's highest prized catch-boy "non-educated-educational minister" Zioni-Imperialism's Bastard/ Master Liar/False Asylumseeker/False Assurian/False Social Democrat Ibrahim BAYLAN? - He calls for "Ibbe", on the occupied areas of Middle East.. What does "Ibbe" mean?
- Ibbe is his true trade label and his friends saying "Ibne"... Ibne does mean "homo"; also, homosexual whore, according to his own language...
- I understand now better!.. Ibne BAYLAN visat sig att han är väldigt flexibel och villig, smart att slicka bäst/mest de judiska kapitalisternas röv...
- Sådana klanmedlemmarnas sanna yrke, visst!.. De tar sådana beteendena yrkesmässigt så att denne manliga horan har alltid spelat sin roll som systembenägna apan och därför belönas nu med en post, "ministerposten" som moderna tiders korruption...
- Tänk på Systembolaget's Anitra (analt fnittra) som lika oartigt, fräckt prisar sina omgivningens knähundar bl. a. giriga cheferna där i s.k. "bolaget"!!!... Det är en spegel af härvans karaktär d.v.s. hela farmen förvandlas nu ett slags af evangelian/jude/lika fega tjuvaktige allihop som dominerade bolaget... Detta är mest legaliserade bordellen som satelliten af USraeliska imperialismen!.. Visst, skiten liknar skiten, som inte konstigt!.. Är det svårt att fatta? Titta på andra figurerna som sitter ovan exempelvis den "first lady" eller den sista bordellmamman!.. Hennes leende är ett svar på allt, titta på Mammele's ansikte!.. Hon stinker som alla andra tvåbenta grisar, oavsett att de sitter i lyxiga soffor.. Svineriets kännetecken försvinner inte bara djuren placeras i den högstuppsatte posten!.. Det är ett slags af fiffiga sytemets högsta ansvarige fräckaste Mammele som Görrån PetSion's sista officiella maitress... Allt tyder på att det finns inget konstigt i denna "Schutzpach/judestyrda karusellen"...
- It's not enough to be homo-whore... This Ibbe infiltred Working Class, Work Unions, too; for example, he steal very useful info when he infiltred HTF, also, Handelstjänstemannaförbundet, that manipulated well by this virus and collaborated Jewish bastards in such sections... Therefore, Jan BJÖRKLUND recommended him...
- Who is Jan BJÖRKLUND?
- Chief of School questions in capitol city; also, he borned in Tel Aviv but living in Scandinavia, because to operate EU and manpulate institutions..
- Another one Jewish bastard, plays on the same string!..
- Definitely!..
- Is this homo-Ibne alone in this gang?
- No!.. All together fit each other, for instance this short epidemic figure, PAGROTSKY..
- What?! Is it this rat a kind of minister?
- Absolutely!.. It is not so strange as long as this shurk satellite driven by Tel Aviv Mafia...
- Well!.. "Kulturminister" kallas nu en annan jude, kortväxta växthuseffekten Pagrotsky, vilken jävla kultur som denne fräcka bastarden representerar som alla andra infiltrated virusarter, alltså, judar/tvåbenta hundar/medverkande tjuvar/parasiter som systematiskt plundrar/etc. kollaboraterade grisar prisar varandra..
- What a wonderful "marry-go-on circus"!..
- Yep!.. Best belönade blir mest flexibla som gillar att slicka imperialisternas skitiga röv och därför blir det "ministerail post" som belöning för denne gången som alla vet sanna meritfröteckningen af humanmaskerade djuren. Det är inte den första gången att systemet föder sina valpar, visst det är sionistiskt traditionellt, även om sådana varelser nomineras till stiftelse etiketterade sioni-lobbyernas plundringsfest t.o.m. "Nobel charlatanry", som hela världen bevittnar... Kort sagt; inget nytt i Västfronten; skiten täcker skiten, inget annat... Vissa horor prisar en annan hora oavsett horan skulle heta "male or female", fixat false Swedish ID eller sanna "Tel Aviv-made ID"!..
- "Show must go on!", said singer Queen Freddy MERCURI!..
- ...and gone with the hasch!..
- Like multi-milliarder male whore Jan STENBECK, gone with the "overdos-viagra"...
- ...looks like a tradition!..
- ...and did you know, all these instruments fixed university diploms although never examed at any real university? The lobby administrations have such extra tasks for "brave pigs" of Zionist Imperialism!..
- Another rules of the same tradition!..
- Definitely!..


- Have you any more detailed evidence sources on the above documentary clips? -
Yes, we have!.. If you need prepare your knowledge try to get further info via
e-mail; also, complete coverage by the selected experienced figures, who most
related such subjects, for example:
EU authorities: romano.prodi@cec.eu.int, robert.coleman@cec.eu.int,
David.Byrne@cec.eu.int, basil.mathioudakis@cec.eu.int, gfarm@europarl.eu.int,
europa@kastler.de, mkastler@europarl.eu.int, dsumberg@europarl.eu.int,
rbalfe@honeyden.fsnet.co.uk, rbalfe@europarl.eu.int, sludfordmep@cix.co.uk ,
sludford@europarl.eu.int, johnbowis@aol.com, jbowis@europarl.eu.int,
r.evans.mep@geo2.poptel.org.uk, rjeevans@europarl.eu.int,
mary@maryhoneyball.net, mhoneyball@europarl.eu.int,
jeanlambert@greenmeps.org.uk, jelambert@europarl.eu.int,
cmoraes@europarl.fsnet.co.uk, Linda.Smith@lp-ho.poptel.org.uk,
ctannock@europarl.eu.int, ctannock@conservative-party.org.uk,
itwinn@europarl.eu.int, twinn@aflex.net, tvilliers@conservatives.com,
christian.juliusson@liberal.se (oops; this is one of the instruments of the
ProZionist provocation Party Fp), cmalmstrom@europarl.eu.int (oops; this is one
of the instruments of the ProZionist provocation Party Fp; plus; this doggy
works directly and completely under directives of Tel Aviv Mafia; very dangerous
freak whore of Mo$$ad), hkarlsson@europarl.eu.int, eric@varmland.sap.se,
ehedkvist@europarl.eu.int, lgb@moderat.se, per.gahrton@mp.se (reliable Humanist
like Mr. Herman SCHMID and Mrs. Marianne ERIKSSON), jimrob@psnw.com,

UNITED NATIONS: anne-marie.fenner@unep.ch, ariel.dayao@unep.ch,
asa.granados@unep.ch, bella.lawson@unep.ch, bernard.incorpora@unep.ch,
brenda.van-eeden@unep.ch, cgimaster@unol.org, cyberschoolbus@un.org,
dgwestendorff@yahoo.com, freedman@unrisd.org, glara.guzman@unep.ch,
helle.husum@unep.ch, hiroko.mosko@unep.ch, ibrahim.shafii@unep.ch,
info@unrisd.org, isolde.canales@unep.ch, lobbymod@unol.org,
lwiseberg.hchr@unog.ch, nalini.basavaraj@unep.ch, paul.silfvenius@unep.ch,
pavel.suian@unep.ch, per.bakken@unep.ch, pierre.portas@unep.ch, sbc4@unep.ch,
sbc@unep.ch, susan.quinto@unep.ch, vidal@unrisd.org, vincent.jugault@unep.ch,

SIPRI: alani@sipri.se, anthony@sipri.se, barta@sipri.se, baumann@sipri.se,
berggren@sipri.se, bodell@sipri.se, boman@sipri.se, boston@sipri.se,
dwan@sipri.se, ekeus@sipri.se,gilady@sipri.se, gilligan-borg@sipri.se,
hagelin@sipri.se, hagmeyer-gaverus@sipri.se , hall@sipri.se, hart@sipri.se,
helleday@sipri.se, henson@sipri.se, hole@sipri.se, karlsson@sipri.se,
snkile@sipri.se, kuhlau@sipri.se, lachowski@sipri.se, loo@sipri.se,
loose-weintraub@sipri.se, mash@sipri.se, möllerström@sipri.se,
omitoogun@sipri.se , oxeltoft@sipri.se , persson@sipri.se,
rotfeld@sipri.se,seybolt@sipri.se, skons@sipri.se , stalenheim@sipri.se,
suzuki@sipri.se, wall@sipri.se, Ingvor wallin@sipri.se, ward@sipri.se,
weidacher@sipri.se, pwezeman@sipri.se, swezeman@sipri.se, wiharta@sipri.se,
wiksten@sipri.se, zanders@sipri.se , zarimpas@sipri.se,
Satellite examples like Scandinavian RED CROSS; registration index of this jew
controlled shurk sect including Mo$$ad Scandinavia league address, too (means,
it'äs big honour not to be included by such shitty whores' list):
judiska.museet@swipnet.se, ijk@ijk-s.se, stig.wallin@telia.se, info@liberal.se,
j-m.williams@pi.se, info@expo.se, helene.loow@bra.se, skma@swipnet.se,
info@sverigemotrasism.nu, 5i12@harnosand.se, kentlind@swipnet.se,
annika.grunewald@adoptionscentrum.se, info@afrosvenskarna.se,
nyheter@aftonbladet.se, aktuellt@svt.se, info@alltarmojligt.se,
info@alltarmojligt.se, madelaine.seidlitz@amnesty.se, ams-infocenter@ams.amv.se,
bo@bo.se, info@bra.se, boj.riks@boj.se,
gudrun.nordborg@brottsoffermyndigheten.se, diskriminering@norrkoping.se,
gjoseph@caritas.se, centerpartiet@centerpartiet.se, cuf@centerpartiet.se,
Ceifo.editor@ceifo.su.se, ceifo.editor@ceifo.su.se, gunilla.bjeren@kvinfo.su.se,
stephane.bruchfeld@multietn.uu.se, multietn@multietn.uu.se,
chilenska@hotmail.com, clinell@dof.se, info@dn.se, db.fonseca@bredband.net,
jan.ekberg@ehv.vxu.se, ekot@sr.se, information@eumc.eu.int,
info-officer@enar-eu.org, kentlind@swipnet.se, info@expo.se,
redaktionen@expressen.se, fai@spray.se, info@farsormorsor.se,
fris.jan.olof@swipnet.se, info@fhi.se, anna.wigenmark@humanrights.se,
tomas.almgren@fryshuset.se, alex@fornyelsebutiken.com, grn@grn.se,
grf@telia.com, gu@mp.se, icf@swipnet.se, migrant@immi.se, ifau@ifau.uu.se,
sofi@su.se, leif.ahlberg@integration.stockholm.se,
info@integration.stockholm.se, nenad.duborija@integrationsverket.se,
info@ifs.a.se, ikf@spray.se, contact@icare.to, nora@iochm.com,
icmalmo@algonet.se, journalisten@sjf.se, ylva.brune@jmg.gu.se,
camila.buzaglo@industry.ministry.se, info@jamombud.se,
masoud.kamali@multietn.uu.se, redaktion@kommunaktuellt.com,
inga-lill.fongkarlberg@kvv.se, info@kristdemokrat.se, Kos-Dienes@kim.gu.se,
info@kvinnoforum.se, kvinnor@home.se, kugs@kugs.info,
annika.lagerqvist@juridicum.su.se, info@lsu.se, irene.tinglov@lf.se,
levhist.ovrigt@adm.ministry.se, luf@liberal.se, annalena.forenadeord@telia.com,
simone.lindsten@o.lst.se, ulf.pauli@m.lst.se, ulf.pauli@m.lst.se,
sam.yildirim@ab.lst.se, simone.lindsten@o.lst.se, kansli@lararforbundet.se,
makedonski.sojuz@telia.com, jonas@mediekritik.nu, mediemagasinet@svt.se,
marie.andersson@migrationsverket.se, info@mp.se, info@muf.se, info@moderat.se,
fredrik@quistbergh.se, info@mkc.botkyrka.se, sekretariat@genus.gu.se,
gregor.noll@jur.lu.se, info@northern-light.org, info@sesam.nu, info@nmr.nu,
george.sved@homo.se, do@do.se, info@peaceguest.se, ram@presswise.org.uk,
rapport@svt.se, paulina.de
losreyes@ekhist.uu.se, johanna.nystrom@rfsu.se,
zop.org.polonia@telia.com, riksidrottsforbundet@rf.se, info@roks.se,
maria-paz.acchiardo@lo.se, anita.trogen@svensktnaringsliv.se,
hans.dahlgren@saco.se, kal@arbetsgivarverket.se, jonas.rhodin@fkf.sfa.se,
qaisar.mahmood@svekom.se, alicia.lycke@tco.se,
kerstin.eklund@rb.se, david.fransisco@rkuf.se, david.fransisco@rkuf.se,
kansli@sios.org, johanna.schiratzki@juridicum.su.se, ordforande@asjrf.org,
ylva.sorman.nath@sida.se, thord.silverbark@idehist.su.se,
info@sap.se, maria.roselius@sos.se, srfs@telia.com, jessica.ryden@stat-inst.se,
infoservice@scb.se, information@scb.se, info@kunskapsforum.a.se,
camilla.hallgen@educ.umu.se, refuge@algonet.se, kansli@sfn.se, robert@shc.se,
info@shc.se, kansliet@sjf.se, sk@svekom.se, lena.aronsson@redcross.se,
info@rskl.se, rsn@stockholm.mail.telia.com, am.tung.skr@telia.com,
info@ssu.se, nyhetsred@sydsvenskan.se, suf@ungsyrian.nu, info@syrf.se,
t.marina@telia.com, redaktionen@tt.se, africaforum@swipnet.se, info@tu.se,
integrationsforum@telia.com, info@ungvanster.se, umr@telia.com, kansli@umr.nu,
info@ufm.nu, info@ungdomsstyrelsen.se, info@unitedagainstracism.org,
RODRIGUK@unhcr.ch, un@un.se, info@ui.se, vittoljud@historiska.se,
h@adm.lu.se, karin.lundgren@kommun.vaxjo.se,

- If the tv documentary guests&editorial authorities want to contact with more
and more detailed info sources for saga-formated documentary clips, then we
would recommend this additional e-post list, including most responsible figures,
who interested in about the all above kinky affairs; false WRITERS (mostly)
traitorous MASTERS for example imported Mammele whore Fascist Ljiljana Dufgran,
chief at the Swedish Zionist PEN Club luxury Casino Tel. 00.46.705954191 e-post:
dufgran@telia.com, chenjia@algonet.se, jimbut@mail.tdcadsl.dk,
jimbut@hotmail.com, gunilla.lundgren@ebrevet.nu, romani@blinx.de,
dufgran@telia.com, petermosskin@hotmail.com,
gunnar.nirstedt@abforlag.bonnier.se, kjellholm@swipnet.se, lars@hohförlag.se,
lenaason@tele2.se, info@bokomotiv.se, anna.gustafsson-chen@kultur.stockholm.se,
k.hultman@telia.com, hakan.josephson@norstedts.se, mariamodig@hotmail.com,
marie.peterson@telia.com, morteza.sa@telia.com, maria
lenaason@tele2.se, hakan.josephson@norstedts.se, k.hultman@telia.com,
morteza.sa@telia.com, petermosskin@hotmail.com, intpen@dircon.co.uk,
info@centrumforrattvisa.se, JensenD@rferl.org, shafirm@rferl.org,
moorep@rferl.org, maksymiukj@rferl.org, corwinj@rferl.org, carlsone@rferl.org,
CoulloudonV@rferl.org, YWT@cnn.com, abc@svt.se, agneta.akerlund@svt.se,
ake.ortmark@tv8.se, aktuellt@svt.se, debatt@svt.se, lennart.persson@svt.se,
ostnytt@svt.se, text@svt.se, vastnytt@svt.se, vbnytt@svt.se, voxpop@svt.se,
vildmark@svt.se, vetenskapens.varld@svt.se, uutiset@svt.se,
tv-sporten@svt.se, trafikmagasinet@svt.se, sondagsoppet@svt.se,
sydnytt@svt.se, svt24@svt.se, vaxjo@svt.se, svtmorgon@svt.se,
press.malmo@svt.se, gbgwebb@svt.se, smalandsnytt@svt.se, kontakt@sajber.nu,
rummet@svt.se, bengt.bergius@svt.se, rederiet@svt.se, rea@svt.se,
rapport@svt.se, siw.dreber@svt.se, kjell-ake.hansson@svt.se,
programupplysningen@svt.se, plus@svt.se, packatochklart@svt.se, ps@svt.se,
lena.logren@svt.se, nordnytt@svt.se, myror@svt.se, musikbyran@svt.se,
mosaik@svt.se, mittnytt@svt.se, mittinaturen@svt.se, matwebb@svt.se,
livslust@svt.se, lillasportspegeln@svt.se, helene.nyman@svt.se,
agneta.dahlstrom@svt.se, ulla.nilsson@svt.se, karamelli@svt.se,
internetredaktionen@svt.se, hjarnkontoret@svt.se, gavle-dala@svt.se,
go.kvall@svt.se, tv-sporten@svt.se, filmkronikan@svt.se, drama@svt.se,
robinsoninfo@svt.se, ekg@svt.se, dokumentarfilm@svt.se,
dokumentutifran@svt.se, bolibompa@svt.se, dokumentinifran@svt.se,
bildjournalen@svt.se, pia.skog@svt.se, antikrundan@svt.se,
tvcontinente@yahoo.com, camera equipage collaborators of the imperialist system:
anna.kakuli@svt.se, jan.sundstrom@svt.se, dudo62@yahoo.com,
keja.stenstrom@svt.se, andhg@yahoo.com, othman.karim@svt.se,
abdul.hibombo@svt.se, inger.etzler@svt.se, miodrag.cvetkovic@svt.se,
jonas.alassaad@svt.se, birgitta@kastanjebacken.net, maudblom@telia.com,
lasarnas.forum@unt.se, pwhitehead@wan.asso.fr, sms@pccl.demon.co.uk,
info@profetiskt.nu, amelie.henriksson@scandinaviaonline.se, info@radio.se,
info@radiotv.aland.fi, tellusradio@tellusradio.no, pdc@carnegie.org,
info@centrumforrattvisa.se, admin.skolnet@skolverket.se, afshaa@hotmail.com,
alexlibio@hotmail.com, arc@sverigemotrasism.nu,
arvsfondsdelegationne@social.ministry.se, enar@immi.se, helena@urkraft.se,
info@amnesty.se, info@integrationsverket.se, info@skolverket.se,
info@sverigemotrasism.nu, centrum.mot.rasism@spray.se, jun@iogt.se,
njem@telia.com, sk@svekom.se, smed@smed.no, u.armiarm@education.ministry.se,
contact@icare.to, info-officer@enar-eu.org,
History falser-staff of the lobbies for example "rent-a-propagandist" centre of
false conservatives who undermine American history: amoore@worldnetdaily.com,
dkupelian@worldnetdaily.com, imercer@worldnetdaily.com,
jbaggett@worldnetdaily.com, jfarah@worldnetdaily.com, jkovacs@worldnetdaily.com,
rstrom@worldnetdaily.com, jmiller@worldnetdaily.com,
psperry@worldnetdaily.com, sfoster@worldnetdaily.com,
elizabethfarah@worldnetdaily.com, jfunk@worldnetdaily.com,
mclaudy@worldnetdaily.com, tambrose@worldnetdaily.com,
sthorpe@worldnetdaily.com, tfuller@worldnetdaily.com,
..and its collaborated copies; also, rent-a-propanadist instruments in similarly
well-infiltrated authorities worldwide": bitte.wallin@levandehistoria.se,
- Ops; I would like add that the last couple staff, both intruments of WALLIN
clan members have double passport.. Also, guess, please!.. Which regimes
prepared the passports as "gift" to thus kinky couple of IDF-gang, Insanity
Death Forces of military mafia USrael?! - Yes, it's Big Brother and Big Brothel

...m. m...
- ...means more cloakrats than visible holes?
- In Lappland Folk interpretes it; "More doggies than bones!".. - It's true!..
Unfortunately, thus e-mail list includes many polit-whores... Do you understand
now why this WONDERFUL DEMOCRACY (!) turned to some modernized Bali Tel Aviv
mixed "Big Brothel"? Why forced the intelectuals to be silenced? What does it
mean, systematically dismissed masses to face elimination process? Where are the
true advocates of Child Rights, next generations? Where are the true Human
Rights activists? Where are the true Work Rights fighters? Well, the lie have
no long legs and the truth is anti-semitic; I mean look at the independent
social researchers' report that including the reality on the dismissed
cathegories, for example honoured people eliminates even in the democratical
masked circus, satellite regime Sweden eliminate, here, at least REGISTRATED
500.000 PEOPLE pursued, half of them PERMANENT JOBLESS...
- It's true!.. Unfortunatelty, there are nowadays much more figures mostly
zionized whores.......you see, there are much more different characters
(unfortunately, few honoured, majority of such chiefs are simply hired lapdogs
and clan members of Jewish lobbies, who get profites by the non-honoured ways,
for instance licking the kinky ass of Zion boss) and most of them ready to sell
their own children to the liberalized pedofilia markets only for a handfull Tel
Aviv made dollars...


- Dear listeners, readers, tv-viewers!.. Adieu!.. It was a new saga, just
finished here... Brave people makes these forums available to encourage
intelligent and open democratical debate platforms. Users are requested to
participate in the spirit of good fellowship and tolerance. The views and
opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent those of saga tellers....
"Living tales broadcasting" does not mean "fantastical fairy tales", but aims to
offer a solution for "living questions of humanity" and one of them begins
here, today's well-documented tales!.. Notice it respectfully, please; this is a
SAGA; man don't need to be stressed... Avoid to show incredible angry attitudes
or overwhelmed happy on such tales.. Test your selfcontrol!.. Well, we are
aware, there are a kind of ineresting types, which fanatically programmed to see
the similarly robotics and they can not accept the creative brains... Compare
yourself with them!..Take it easy; don't to be prisoned of "massmedial
brainwashing campaigns"... In normally case there are different openviews,
artistical creations, poetry, approximate to the social cases in community;
listen to them... If you want to criticize these stories, feel free; do that!..
No doubt!. This is a form of literature to create essays; of course built a
bridge to say out your opinion; do that, please!.. Otherways, you wil just a
living witness here; yes, here seems many aggressive robotics making shit after
my tales; let them stay on this page as my best evidence.. People needs such
testimony; who tells saga, who has shit in his mouth; discover on internet
around my saga texts... They are not only my enemies, because I have nothing
private conflict with them... In fact they are the fanatical enemies of
humanbeing; this is the question... My Grandfader had piggies at farm; all the
animals had name there and selected examples praised by the true ID cards... I
see that Grandfather's true piggies were more respectable than human faced
piggies&doggies... Let's these doggies shitting here on internet, mostly using
false sexual announcements; let's people witness what a kind kinky planet the
two-legged piggies dreaming.. Keep the evidences should be apparently pasted
there on internet page, although it's not friendly; all after checking this
attack it'll easier to struggle against thus kinky character, who beyond this
dirtiness!.. Go on to tell what the newest!.. In fact, we have much more
exciting broadcasting tournaments... You see; the fanatics of system are so
eager to bite your heel.. No doubt, its typical attitudes of bulldogs and
lapdogs of judaized imperialism... But criticism welcomes.... Of course there
are different opinions.. Discussion is better than warplanes... Let's create new
saga examples and try to build a wonderful socialistical saga-world for whole
humanbeing; yes, for human, dear!.. Solidarity regards from saga-teller,
additional works of studio-guests, followers on friendly tv channels...


LIVING SAGA examples on tv channels&related pages on Internet and
today's most visited recommended links&useful informative websites:
Fake University exposed by the PenylButazone&Ecstasy market experts:

Fake University exposed by the NetworkCreaters:

Revolutionaries from Scandinavia demand; "Stop the persecution process on the revolutionary&antiimperialist demonstranters&Laponians!": http://www.revolusjon.no/ http://home.online.no/~steinhol/internasj/english/english.html http://www.boikottisrael.no/eindex.html E-post: revolusjon@rocketmail.com , kontakt@boikottisrael.no

RSP, Irish Republican Socialist Movement:

Russian Granata against the Zionist Imperialism: http://www.russgranata.com/ Relativity theorie on the relations of blood and profites: http://www.opensecrets.org/2000elect/index/AllCands.htm SANA, Syrian Arab News Agency:
terrorism.htm http://www.sana.org/english/En-Images/israeliterrorism.htm Santa Talmudian Pedophile Bastards: http://www.gagarama.de/bush-praesident-specials/santa-george.htm Scandinavian CivilCourage Network Initiative supports Palestine&Laponia against Zionist Imperialism:

Scandinavian Forum: http://www.palestinagrupperna.a.se/forum.htm Scandinavian Students Initiative supports Palestine&Laponia against Zionist Imperialism:

Scotland&Deir Yassin solidarity:

Scotland-Glasgow Activists still fu'king judaized Bastard Tory BLiar:

See on the Sea&around the Sea how they suck people's red blood what USrael aims:

Selected Sites of Vietnam Veterans: http://www.oz.net/~vvawai/org/links.html Serbian Defence against Zionist Imperialism:
http://www.compuserb.com/sdl/ Set free Freedom Fighter Abdullah OCALAN:

Set free the Five Cubanos:

Set free Hussam KADER and all Palestinian prisoners:
http://www.hussamkhader.com/english/default.html Set free Indian Poet Leonard PELTIERI:
http://www.eandgcomputers.com/peacepipe/media/leonardpeltier/index.htm Set free Jonathan POLLARD:

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Set free Osmo VALLO's brothers and all other innocent Gypsies in Sweden=stop such second USrael process in the EU:

Set free the Freedom Fighter Ulla Roder!
http://www.tmfife.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ulla/ullastory.shtml Set free the Free Speech Fighter Ernst ZÜNDEL:

Set Free Mihailo MIHAILOVIC:

Scandinavian Socialists stuggle against the dominaZional Pedophilia Markets of
ZOGang&Scandinavian Socialists in Solidarity with the Working Class of
USA&Maryland volunteers' Forum:


Amnesty International:
AAARGH: http://aaargh.vho.org/
Abunimah org.. http://www.Abunimah.org/
Abuse Survivors&Fredrik BENDTZ testimonied:
http://holywar.org/txt/wanted.html ADC, Anti-Discrimination
Committee: http://www.ADC.org/ http://holywar.org/txt/tysk.html

Adelaide Institute:

ADL (American Defence League) Solidarity with Yugoslavian People:
http://adlusa.com/adl/ http://holywar.org/txt/image1.html
ADL (Anti-Defamation Zion Criminals) Watch:

ADDAMEER, Human Rights against Torture:
http://www.addameer.org/torture/index.html Afghanistan
Liberation Organisation (ALO, Revolutionary Marxist-Maoist Organisation of
Afghanistan Working Class):
Ahram Org.:

AIC: http://www.alternativenews.org/
Al Ansar&Anvari&KurdInfo, Antisemite revolutionary community in Scandinava:
http://www.kurdinfo.com/enver/enver4.htm E-post: Platform@Kurdinfo.com


Al Awda Britannia, the Palestinian Right to Return:
Al Ayyam org.:

Alexinac; Yugoslavians massacred by the Zionist military mafia's toy NATO:

Al Fatah Liberation Organization Victoria Siempre!

Al Haq/Law org. affiliate I.C.J., International Commission of Jurists, Geneva:

Al Qudüs University.:

Alternative Info org.:


Amateur plot on 9/11 and plenty of evidences that may hang George WCmouth Bush:
http://web11.superb.net/www.nodomain.com/ American Free
Press: http://www.americanfreepress.net/
Americans against Bombing: http://www.againstbombing.org/
Americans against World Empire:
http://www.againstbombing.com/ http://abbc.com/cartoons/us-aid.jpg

American-Islamic Solidarity: http://www.cair-net.org/default.asp
http://www.dontsayyoudidntknow.net/pages/star.html American
occupational army executes without reason; it's enough to be killed if people
are not Jews&ass slicker collaborators:
American state terrorism:

Amin org.: http://www.amin.org/ Amirah/Ethnic

Amnesty International: http://www.amnesty.org/news/1996/51504996.htm
Anders Gustafsson slaughtered by the Assassination league;
"official masked Criminal bastards&Fryshuset trainee centre parasites" which
already under controll of the Zionist chief Anders CARLBERG:
same league, ZOGang:

Anti-Fascist Duisburg gegen den zionistischen Imperialismus:


Anti-Imperialist Musicians (downloading easy and free) against judaized
dominance on culture:
AntiKrisGroup Initiative supports Palestine&Laponia against Zionist Imperialism:

Antiracist Network:
http://www.antiracismnet.org/main.html Anti-Semitic Legends:
http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/antisemitic.html Anti-War:

Anti-Zionist Laponian revolution supported by Mugu Liberation Movement of
Anti-Zionist Magazine Challenge: http://www.hanitzotz.com/challenge/
Anti-Zionist Revolutionary Kurdistan:
Webmaster Comrade Roni INAN's e-post: Inan@tdc.dircon.co.uk,
IntPEN@dircon.co.uk Apartheid in Fact: (Pissed off by the Jewish
Chiefs of Humboldt Co.) http://www.humboldt1.com/~016910/BibliogZionism.html
Apartheid should be banned worldwide:
Arab Human Rights: http://www.Arabhra.org/index.htm
Arbeit macht frei; true! And therefore the jackals prevent the Work
Rights of dissidents: http://www.arbetarsocialisten.pp.se/fs-om.htm
Arthur R. BUTZ informs about Jewish Fascism:
http://pubweb.acns.nwu.edu/~abutz/dnews/ Artists&Christian
Academians against Racism:

Associazione Revisionismo Storico:

Assyrian Freedom online&Assyrians against Jewish Fascism::

Assyrian&Syrian Working Class struggle against Zionist Imperialism:

Australian Anti-Zionist News by Cassopaea:
http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/signs130.htm Aztlan:
http://www.aztlan.net/ Babykiller:
http://www.babykiller.com/ BADIL (Resource Center for
Palestinian Residency and Refugee rights):
http://www.badil.org/e-index.html http://www.holywar.org/CART1.gif
Barbarity transferred from Western, like an useful horse almost the Jews rid:
BarnesReview against the Jewish fabrication industry:
http://www.barnesreview.org/ BBC Documentary Center/ (
with special thanks to the staff of Panorama Archive-BBC)
http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmaedia/12380000/video/13813228sharonv.ram (Pissed
off by the corrupted Fascist Jewish staff...) It was an audiovisual doc. on
HumanButcher SHARON and other Jew-Fascists' Crimes/PALESTINIAN GENOCIDE/massacre
in Sabra/Shatila/Qana...occupied Mideast/Hypocrisy of U.N.-War Crime section's
reponsible jurists, corrupted chiefs etc. E-post: newsonline@bbc.co.uk,
bbcprime@bbc.com.uk, http://www.holywar.org/CART41.gif
Bergen-Belsen Jobbcentrum Independent Initiative against Zionist Imperialism:
http://www.palkom.com/inn.htm Belgian MotherEarth
Activists against the judaized fascist dominance on the World:
en.php Beware Holy
places from the ZOG, zioni occupational gang,: http://www.hlt-palestine.org/
Beyond the fake propaganda of the Zionist Media:
http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ Bilderberg Conference
(first time in 1954):

Birger studies on traditionally pedophilia&robbery&fraud connection of Zionist
Criminals: http://www.ludd.luth.se/~birger/gbread.htm

Bob HANSSON&BURMAN&Musicians against the judaized "Big Brother" Imperialism:
http://www.highspeedart.com/hansson/bobbrev.html http://www.national.se/

Bolletino di informazione antimperialista: http://www.bollettino.it/

Books and useful information against Jewish Brain Washing process:
http://holywar.org/BOOKS.htm Boycott Bush-it :

Brain-Washing/Kinderbücher; die die Gehirnen von Kinder wäschen:
http://www.najdeh.de/nn/dez99/bild.html (pissed off by the Germanian
E-post: redaktion@najdeh.de

Brasilian CLAJADEP against the Zionist Imperialism:

Brasilian PCML, Partido MarxistLeninista revolutionaries Inverta:

Britannian Council against the Jewish Fascism:
http://www.caabu.org/index.html Britannian&Palestinian info
http://www.palestine-info.co.uk/am/publish/ Bulgaria exposed
the false attack on Pentagon; evidence around the lies of 11/9:

Bulldogs and lapdogs: http://zog.to/3/dogs/dg-ind.htm
Bulldog WC-mouth BUSHIT and lapdog Swedish Evangelian Primer G.rån PETZION:

Bureaucracy dominated always the "doubble-faced Jewish virus":

BusssSH'T flash: http://www.ericblumrich.com/
Buying of the president:
http://www.bop2004.org/dtaweb/bop2004/ Documentazione
sull'infiltrazione dei nemici nella Chiesa:

Daily Catholic:
http://www.dailycatholic.org/ http://www.holywar.org/CART22.gif
Der Stürmer newspaper uncowered Zionist plan against Humanity; the
history shows that the Germans have right; yes, the Jews are "unglück" and still
danger against Humanity:

Fair: http://www.fair.org/international/iraq.html
Francia's intellectuals exposed the true face of Imperialist Pèril

Germania&Intifada Solidarity:
http://intifada.de/ Global search:
http://globalresearch.ca/ Henry FORD warned about the
world domination aims of the Jewish Fascist danger:

Jewish snake caricaturized:

London against Jewish snake:

God's prayer or the profiters beyond believers:

Polonian intellectuals showed the true face of Zionist Imperialists:

Protocols of Zion; wonderful caricaturized cover of Arab version published in

Russian-Gudok Cartoon describes Jewish hypocrisy type:

TROTSKY and all the such dolly Anarchist instruments always served to the
Zionist aims; caused bloody conflicts between proletarian cathegories instead of
to struggle against the Imperialism:

Ukrainian intellectuals expose "The protocols" of judaized Imperialism:

Pluvim Magazine-Leningrad exposes the true Terrorist type:

Russian Cartoon Magazine Agitator shows the biggest agitator who rids US horse:

Magazine Russkije Wedomostii shows the collaborated cloakrats who undermines the

Russkoje Woskresenje Zhirinovskogo Magazine exposes the "Human faced cloakrats":

Moldavia-Sovietkaia caricaturizes the Jewish network:

Minsk-Russian intellectuals wrote the truth against the Jewish Racist industry:

Moscovskii Tractir Magazine teach us to cleanse the Jewish cloakrats:

Russkaja Pravda cartoonists showing the "living evidence" so-called "Protocols
of Zion-cloakrats":

Reincarnation of system realized in Russia by the Jewish Capitalist power:

Soviet-Krokodil magazine describes the snake of Zion:

Soviet Proletaria hunted the "human-masked cloakrats":

Executers of Zion built on the Lie industry around the manipulative National
Socialism :

Za Russkoje Djelo Magazine shows Russian role against Jewish snoke:

Bush-it-BLiar couple liberated (!) masses by massacre:

BUSH-it Jr. Watch; super bloody idiotic marionette of all the ages of
civilization:: http://www.bushwatch.net/
http://www.holywar.org/CART123.gif Café Freedom:

Campaign against Arm Trade:
Canada-Edmonton Activists struggle against Jewish Fascism:

Cartoons for think twice: http://abbc.com/islam/roligt/roligt.htm
http://zog.to/3/cartoons/rocks.htm Cartoonized Nutwork:
Catalonia fights against the Zionist Imperialism:

Censor driven by the Zionist Imperialist Power:
Chechian Bohemia&Moravia Communist Party, KSCM:
http://www.kscm.cz/news.asp?menu=1&necId=321&necId2=321 Che in
Che Guevara Information Archive:
http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/8702/che.html http://www.voy.com/493/
Che GUEVARA Internet Archive:
Che lives -I-: http://www.che-lives.com/
Che lives -II-:
Che; Vallegrande Che Festival page:
Chicage combats Jewish Fascism: http://www.chicagoantiwar.org/
Chilean MIR against the Zionist Imperialism: E-post: mir-rebelde@terra.cl
Children Foundation: http://www.tamkeen.org/CSOs/PSCF/Index.html
Children Rights, emergency: http://www.kinderusa.org/emergency.htm
http://www.dontsayyoudidntknow.net/pages/aim-low.html Children
massacred by the Coalition Insanity of judaized Imperialism:
Children Treated Abroad: http://www.pcrf.net/abroad/abroad.html
Christians against the Jewish Manipulations Empire; Alfred OLSEN's channel Holy
War: http://holywar.org/indexholy.html http://holywar.org/PROPAGA2.htm
Civilized (!) Negro lapdog Condoleezza shows braveness by her Lords:
http://www.gagarama.de/bush-satire/bush-rice.htm Coalition
Military helps to the world dominance of Jewish Fascism to cleanse the Arab
Children: http://www.aljazira.it/img/guerrairaq200303/iraq74.jpg
CODOH: http://www.codoh.com/index
http://books.dreambook.com/codoh/gbook.html Colorado
Solidarity Committees: http://www.ccmep.org/
Comandante: http://www.el-comandante.com/Default2.htm
Commercial markets continue to massacre the Pedophilia&Incest victims; listen to
the Scandinavian child victim Johanna DOROTHEIAN:
http://www.tictocmusic.co.uk/message-board.asp Committee to
Support the Revolution in Peru http://www.csrp.org/
Committee of the Union of Communists of Iran (Sarbedaran):
Committee to Support the Revolution in Peru: http://www.csrp.org/

Communist Party of Australia, CPA:

Communist Party of Sweden, SKP:
Communist German leagues against the enemy number one: ZOG;
http://www.marxists.de/middleast/isrpalndx.htm Corresponsal:

Communist Refoundation Party, Italia:
Communiste Révolutionnaire Francia LCR, against Jewish Fascism:

Communist Workers' Party Finlandia, KTP:
http://www.kaapeli.fi/~ktp/english/index.html Comrade Burman
in Scandinavian Ghetto (Förort, för hård):
Comrade Raymond Luc LEVASSEUR:

Comrade Sundiata ACOLI:

Comrade Tom MANNING:

Comrade TCHOLAKOV, Stefan Dimiter:
Copenhagen Initiative documented Crimes of Zionist Imperialism:
http://www.nejtilkrig.dk/dokumenter.htm Court tv:
Coventry Socialist Party's Anti-Zionist Forum:
http://www.holywar.org/CART98.gif Covert Action
http://www.covertaction.org/biocoverExcerpts.htm Crimes
organized by the Jewish lobbies:
http://www.theunjustmedia.com/jew%20organized%20crime.htm CSVI,
Coordination for Support the People's Resistance in INDONESIA:

Cuba, si!:

Culture plunderers leagues as a project of invasion coalition of the Zionist
Danemark Defence Humanbeing against Jewish Fascism:
http://www.danpal.dk/ Daniel WRETSTRÖM slaughtered by the
"Imported Immigrant Criminal bastards&fake Asylumseeker parasites" of the Jew
controlled Imperialism:

David DUKE exposed Jewish Satan's ugly face:

David IRVING tells:

Defence the Child Rights: http://www.dci-pal.org/
Deir Yassin org.: http://www.deiryassin.org/
Democratic Palestine:
Danemark-Palestine Solidarity org.:
http://www.danpal.dk/english.php Dangerous idio-animal typ
among us: http://abbc.com/bush/chimp.htm

Democracy tv&radio; watch entire, now:
http://www.democracynow.org/index.pl?btid=11 Dov'e' l'Aereo
che ha Colpito il Pentagono?!

Dubliners against Zionist Imperialism:
http://irishantiwar.org/index.adp Eelam, Sri Lancaiska
Guerilla Organisation: http://www.tamilnet.com/

Einheit gegen Kinderschender/Paedophilen:

Electronic Intifada org.:

Electronic Iraq org.: http://electroniciraq.net/news/
ETA, Euscal Herria Journal for Liberation Basqia:

EMHRN, Euro-Mediterranean Network:
http://www.euromedrights.net/english/engelsk.html Eric
BLUMRICH exposed; MASSACRE on IRAQ which completely realized by the judaic
http://www.ericblumrich.com/strangelove.html Ethnic
Cleansing/Ethnische Säuberungen, Völkermord in Palästina&Irak:
http://globalfire.tv/nj/d2001/judenluegen.htm (...hacked)

Euscal Herria Batasuna, Baskian Guerilla Organisation:

EU institutons are under fraud&foundation masked assassination:

European Jews aim such Family Model, what Sweden already succeed:

Evangelian&Jewish brothels selling children&most liberalized markets exposed in
the satellite regimes of USrael; top kinky one market is Swedish Kingdom:

E.Z.L.N., Mexican Guerilla Zapatista Liberation Army: http://www.ezln.org/

FAIR - Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

F.A.R.C.-E.P.; Colombian Guerilla Organisation: http://www.farc-ep.org/

Fence building around the families as USraeli security model:
http://www.ostara.org/images/brd-zuku.jpg FightBack:
Finlandia-Helsinki Activists struggle against Zionist Imperialism:

Foolish Figures of Muppet Show of Human Butcher Sharony Boss:
Foto Coverage&Shame on Humanity!

Francia movimento d'Internationale fight Jewish Fascism:
http://site.voila.fr/PENN974/ http://www.holywar.org/CART111.gif
Fredrik BENDTZ exposed the libearalized Pedo-markets of zioni Kingdom Sweden:

Freedom and Justice:
Freedom Journal of Mumia Abu-JAMAL: http://www.mumia.org/freedom.now/

Free Speech; Love to Informative World::
2.htm Free Speech
org.&tv; watch it, just now: http://www.freespeech.org/

Free Speech Rights and its enemy number one; ADL gang:
http://www.fpp.co.uk/docs/ADL/index.html French-Palestinian
Solidarity Associations: http://www.palestine-france.com/

Genocide on Iraq:
Genocide Survivors' Testimonies:

Genosse HÖJEBERG singt so schön noch immer:
George WC BUSHit: The Unauthorized Biography:
http://www.tarpley.net/bushb.htm http://www.ostara.org/images/bubl.gif

Germanian Immigrants exposed Incest Criminals:
http://www.gazeteguncel.de/forum/messages/5.html Germanian
Journal's English Redaction:

Germanian Kommunisten kämpfen gegen die zionistischen Faschisten:

Germanians advice the selfdefence against the Zionist Imperialism:

Germar RUDOLF informs about the jewish dominated falsification industry:
http://www.vho.org/what/ http://www.holywar.org/CART41.gif
Goetheburg city Initiative supports Palestine&Laponia against Zionist
Imperialism: http://www.stoppakriget.nu/ Greecia-Athens
Initiative against the judaized Imperialism:

GreenLeft: http://www.greenleft.org.au/back/2004/577/577p15.htm
Greenpeace knows that there is NATUR in the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES, too:

Halmstad city Initiative supports Palestine&Laponia against Zionist Imperialism:

Hank ROTH's news center:

Hiroshima&Nagasaki; Fascist face of Zionist American massdestruction:

Holand Initiative against Jewish Fascism:

Holocaust on Arabs&relatives:
Holocaust-Industries of the Zionist Imperialist profiteers:
http://www.holywar.org/CART67.gif Horst MAHLER, advocate
against imperialist lies/Aufstand für die Wahrheit!:

Humanistas Budapest against the judaized Imperialism:

Human appeal of Holand scientists:

Human Rights in the occupied Middle East:

Human Rights Center of Filistinia:

Human Rights&The True Human-Rights-Activists were been pursued and prevented by
false Human-Rights-NGOs of judaized IMperialism... Here is a wonderful evidence
story on such persecution process under MACCACRE times:

Ukrainian folk talks on the Plunderer Flocks of Jewish&Evangelian virus who
infected Scandinavia:

Scientical Analysis on the Jew controlled Paradigm of "Human-faced-parasites":

Ethiopian Jew flock washing itself by urine of animal:

IAP: http://www.iap.org/links.htm

ILPS, Int. League of People's Struggle:

Incest cases unvailed by the College Students:

Independent Institute against the Jewish Fabrication Industry:

Indian Liberation:
Indict Human Butcher: http://www.iap.org/massacres.htm
Indonesian PRD against the Zionist Imperialism:

Industrial Lie Mechanism&Traditional Fabrication and Holocaust Bluff of Jude
Psycopats: http://www.normanfinkelstein.com/id44.htm

Indymedia - Belgium

Incest victims&witness Solidarity testimonies on Criminal Abit DUNDAR league:

Indymedia guests talking on commercialized abuse cases of Zionist Satellite

Intifada Online:

Int. Socialist Review demasked the False Messiah of Zonist Imperialism:
http://www.marxists.de/middleast/selfa/zionism.htm Intifada
Online forum:

International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism)

International Action Center

International Communists: http://www.vcp.nu/vcpnieuws/links.htm
International Solidarity Movement: http://www.palsolidarity.org/
Investigation Committee on Ariel Sharon's crimes against humanity:
http://www.petitiononline.com/warcrime/petition.html IRA,
Ir(a)landia's Liberation Army:

IRSM, Ir(a)landia's Socialist Workers: http://irsm.org/irsm.html
Iranian Marxists: http://www.trife.com/sevnska/art/22-7-1m.htm
ISLAM AGAINST IMPERIALISM.. All the prophets were Freedom Fighter and forced
against Imperialists and therefore the parasite flock Jews murdered First
Officially Socialist Jesus.... In fact, the true Braveheart Muslims struggle
against Zionist Barbarity... But there is Islam masked cloakrats, too; for
example imported criminals of ZOG: Imported ware Bengalian Anwarul's false
Islam Mafia, simple collaborated Zion lobby, operates EU and exposed by the
SvartaListan-push-anmaelan: http://www.svartalistan.com/start.htm

Israel is losing, because the Lie-Imperium of the Jews has no future:

Italia forza struggle against the Jewish Fascism:
Italiano Comrados against the Zionist Imperialism:
Jail can't prevent the truth; 'cause TRUTH is stronger than jails:
Japonian peace activists struggle against Zionist Imperialism:
http://peaceact.jca.apc.org/ Japonian Communist Activists
against the Jewish Fascism: http://www.jca.apc.org/~altmedka/engl-ito.html

Jeff RENSE's ZionismData archive:
http://www.rense.com/Datapages/zionismdata.htm Jericho
Movement: http://www.thejerichomovement.com/

Jesus Christus killed by the Fascist Jews:
Jewish-Zionist plots were been exposed by the Australian Freedom Fighters:
Jihad for the liberation of Humanity:
http://www.e-jihad.net/ej/ http://www.holywar.org/CART32.gif


Jihad until Victory: http://www.jihadunspun.com/home.php

Jim KOPP and other true Christians demasked the Zionist Barbarity:
http://www.christiangallery.com/ J. Keller&Hanns Andersen
tell about Traditonal Criminals:
Joe VIALLS talks on the ABUSE cases&Jewish Pedo Abit Dundar&NEFEL Clan Fascists:
http://www.joevialls.co.uk/myahudi/packrape.html John BALL
exposed the Jewish lies around the JobZentrum-files:
http://www.air-photo.com/english/ http://www.holywar.org/CART31.gif

John PILGER comments: http://www.johnpilger.com/
Joseph HARSCH comments: http://www.csmonitor.com/
http://zog.to/3/harsch/hr-ind.htm Journalists still under
threat of system and many of them been assasinated by ZOG like an "extra
ordinary" case James MILLER:
http://www.justice4jamesmiller.com/home.htm Journalists who
always been censored:
http://www.gregpalast.com/ http://abbc.com/cartoons/democracy.jpg

Kampf gegen zionistisches Königreich:
Karl MARX warns about the Talmudic Fascism; traditionally Jewish
Barbarity: http://www.theunjustmedia.com/karl
Karutzar; Bulgarians against the Zionist Genocides:

Kinder, die keine Rechte haben:
Korean progressive network: http://english.jinbo.net/

Korean news-Democratic People's Republic of Korea:
http://www.kcna.co.jp/index-e.htm E-post: eng-info@kcna.co.jp
Kristiansand-city Independent Initiative against Jewish Fascism:

KurdInfo, Antisemite revolutionary community in Scandinava:
Kurdistan Liberation/Guerilla forum:
E-post: Kurdistan

Kurdistan Recognizes the Armenian Genocide:
http://www.cilicia.com/armo10ikurdistan.html More info on: Kurdistan
Exile Parliament and Conflicts between Kurdish People and Jewish Occupational
Mafia: : c/o: Haydar-Isik@t-online.de

Labor versus Capital in the heart of Jew World Order

Laponian Anti-Zionist Marxists in solidarity like Comrade Lars TÖRNMAN:

Laponian Anti-Zionist movements&Partisans&symphatizers of party:

Laponian people struggle against the EU-masked judaized Swedish Imperialism:

Legitimate George WCmouth BuSHIT:

Leonard PELTIER Defence Committee: http://www.freepeltier.org/

Law society:
E-post: info.services@lawsociety.org.uk

Leninist Current&Japonia: http://www.ngy1.1st.ne.jp/~ieg/index-e.html

Linköping city Initiative supports Palestine&Laponia against Zionist
Imperialism: http://www.valet.nu/fredsnatet/

Liberated people by the massacres of Zionist Occupational Imperialism


Lysekyl Initiative supports Palestine&Laponia against Zionist Imperialism:

London Initiative struggle against Jewish Dominance:
http://www.stopwar.org.uk/ Los Angeles Labor Bureau of
Communist Party: http://cpusa.org/article/archive/0/20
Los Angeles Working Class fight back the Zionist Imperialism:

Lubnania exposes the Jewish Barbarity:

Luxemburg Gauche Party:
act for Pax:

Madrid Solidarity against Jewish Fascism:

Mafia BERLUSCONI-MUSSOLINI Bastard serves for second Godfafther Butcher SHARON:

Malta-Vanetta's grafitti activists struggle against the Jewish dominance&Zionist

Manipulation around terrorism is the contemporary face of Big Brother:
http://www.apfn.org/apfn/wtc.htm http://www.holywar.org/CART91.gif
Masonry Watch:

Massacre Responsible Nucleo-armed Mafia Z.O.Gang:

Massacres of the Zionist Occupational Gang, (Z.O.G.):
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/2367/massacre.html (pissed off by
Yahoo stafff; also, Yahoo=Yahoodi) E-post: MaSeeHi@bigfoot.com

Massacres&The regisseurs of these massacres are not so different each other:
http://www.left.ru/inter/sept/remember.htm Media lies:
http://medialies.com/ MediaReview:
http://www.mediareviewnet.com/home.html Meister ECKEHARDT
(discrimined Jurist of Scandinavia) informs against judaized Imperialism:
http://www.den-svenske.com/michelfriedman.htm Mexican
delegation against Jewish occupation: http://www.palestina.com.mx/
Melbourna Activists struggle against Zionist Imperialism:
Militarist Barbarity modenized instead of modernized civilization:
http://www.comdsd.org/links.htm http://www.holywar.org/CART107.gif
Militarized Mafia's systematical terrorism:

Montreal-Canada Federation Info against Imperialism: http://www.fiiq.qc.ca/
Most wanted terrorists: http://abbc.com/bush/

Media Watch org.: http://www.pmwatch.org/

MERIP org.: http://www.MERIP..org/

Middle East Facts: http://www.mideastfacts.com/
Mideast Chamber org.: http://www.mideastchamber.com/
Miftah org.: http://www.miftah.org/Forum.cfm
http://www.miftah.org/guestbook/gbook.cfm M. S.'s Che page:
E-post: moud@hotmail.com,

MultiCruelity of Jewish Barbarity: http://www.alkhilafah.info/massacres/
Museum of Jewish Crimes against Humanity:

Music Activists (Sniper Records&Tor's Vrede) against the Zionist dominance on
(downloading is easy and free!.. Try it just now, enjoy yourself!)
http://pub.alxnet.com/guestbook?id=2495619 Musicians united
against the commercialized Incest&Pedophilia leagues:

My Lai Massacre 1968
Structural position of the ZOG:

Illuminati of Jew-dominated Imperialist systems:

Mind-control caps produced first in Sweden; used by evangelian-jewish dominated

Mind-control caps produced first in Sweden; but implanted mostly by South
African Apatheid regime, USrael military Mafia and its horse USA:

Mind control detected first time in 1974 (actually tested potantially in 11/9):

Many Monarchies served to the Masonry+Jewry plundring system:

NATO; a military toy of the zionized Imperialism:
Natvan demasked the Zion fraud:

Neglected Stories of the dismissed writers&discriminated artists:

Net Activist: http://www.dkp-ml.dk/netactivist/index2.htm

News from reality: http://www.hereinreality.com/carlyle.html
http://www.holywar.org/CART146.gif News, suppressed:
http://holywar.org/suppress.htm New Yorkers against Jew
York Terrorism:
http://www.unitedforpeace.org/ New Zealand Initiative
against the judaized Imperialism:



Norrbotten&Laponian Party struggle against the EU-masked judaized Swedish

Norrköping city Initiative supports Palestine&Laponia against Zionist
http://norrkopingmotkrig.webbsida.com/ Norway-Communist
Party: http://www.nkp.no/e-index.html Norway
Defence Humanbeing against Jewish Fascism:

Norway Solidarity Committees:

Occupation Cartoons: http://www.baha-cartoon.net/occu/occup.htm


Oli-fever costs your future:

Opinions&Expressions banned by Zions? Send it us, we Free Speech Group expose it
and combat the Jewish Imperialism
http://www.ruf-ch.org/ http://www.ruf-ch.org/Leser.html

Organized crime-a bloody exposition:
http://w1.858.telia.com/~u85819409/altinfo/Bilder/ Oslo is
already ready to combat the Jewish Lobbies: http://www.ingenkrig.no/
http://www.holywar.org/CART105.gif One-World project of
fanatical Fascist movements Worldwide:

Östersund city Initiative supports Palestine&Laponia against Zionist

Paedophile-league exposed by the victims&oppressed relatives:

Pedophilia victims&witness Solidarity testimonies on Criminal Abit DUNDAR league
unvailed by Linda SKUGGE:

Palestine campaign:
E-post: info@palestinecampaign.org

Palestine Center: http://www.PalestineCenter.org/

Palestine chronicle: http://www.palestinechronicle.com/
Palestine Return Center: http://www.prc.org.uk/
Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy

Palestinian Solidarity org. in Finlandia:

Pancyprian for Human Rights-Int. Current News&Info Center:
http://members.spree.com/stelios/hr06/derynia.htm E-post:
THEOCY@cytanet.com.cy, Partisan Laponian revolutionary Olof
T. JOHANSSON's appeal:

Passia Bulletin: http://www.passia.org/indexbulletin.html

Passion to own marks:
http://www.cactus48.com/passion.html Peace turned to Jheese:
Pedophiles exposed by African&Danemark Solidarity movement:

Peter MEYER's Libertarian Serendipity:


Philippines Militants struggle against the Zionist Imperialism:

Planet, Palestinian Academicians org.: http://www.planet.edu/he.shtml

Plata Girón's Che composition:

PNA, Palestinian Government: http://www.pna.net/

Palestinian Restitution and Reparation (CPRR). Council&Petition for refugee
rights of return: http://rightofreturn.org/be-active/petition
Palestinian Diaspora and Refugee Center - Shaml:
http://www.shaml.org/ Palestine Remembered.

Palestine Times monthly:

Peace Movement Aotearo

PetitionOnline against War Crimes:

Petroleum giants suck the blood of Nigerian people:

Police Brutality: http://www.october22.org/

Polonia; Niet Okupacja!..


Prag Activists against Zionist Imperialism: http://www.mujweb.cz/www/irak/
Prison of David Stern rounded human being:
Proletarian Internationalism: http://www.rku.nu/englessons.shtml
Protest net: http://www.protest.net/

PTB - International: http://www.ptb.be/international/indexen.html

Puerto Rican independentista movement: http://www.redbetances.com/

Puerto Rican political prisoners: http://www.wco.com/~boricua/POWS/
Puerto Rico resistance movement:

Push Bush-push BLiar-push Bush-push BLiar!
Qana Massacre: http://members.terra.net.lb/buddy/qana/massacre.html

Racism exposed:

Racist Nature of Zionism:

Radio David DUKE:

Radio FS-Internetional; listen to the Free Speech Internet Radio:
Real player basic is enough to listen (or read) the Radio FS worldwide, now!..

Really SHARON is real husband to BUSH:

Recorded testimonies on the halfofficially abuse cases:

Red Stars struggle against Incest Crimes of Swedish Zioni Fascist Folk Party's
imported criminal instruments:

Reds leds: http://www.marxists.de/admin/contents.htm
Reindeer eliminates by judaized Swedish Imperialism:

Remains Ethnical Cleansing: http://www.allthatremains.com/index.html
Resistance diaries:
Revolutionaries from Scandinavia demand; "Stop the persecution process on the
revolutionary&antiimperialist demonstranters&Laponians!":

Revolutionary Solidarity against Zionist Racism:

RSP, Irish Republican Socialist Movement:

Russian Granata against the Zionist Imperialism:
http://www.russgranata.com/ Relativity theorie on the
relations of blood and profites:
http://www.opensecrets.org/2000elect/index/AllCands.htm SAEPO
(Säpo), Scandinavia's most corrupted, manipulated, Jew controlled marionettes,
security falsificators exposed by Anders SVENSSON:

Santa Talmudian Pedophile Bastards exposed by Germanian Comrades:
http://www.gagarama.de/ Sápmé-people's Human Rights

Scandinavian CivilCourage Network Initiative supports Palestine&Laponia against
Zionist Imperialism:

Scandinavian Forum: http://www.palestinagrupperna.a.se/forum.htm
Scandinavian Students Initiative supports Palestine&Laponia against Zionist

Scotland&Deir Yassin solidarity:

Scotland-Glasgow Activists still fu'king judaized Bastard Tory BLiar:

See on the Sea&around the Sea how they suck people's red blood what USrael aims:

Selected Sites of Vietnam Veterans:
http://www.oz.net/~vvawai/org/links.html Serbian Defence
against Zionist Imperialism:
http://serbiandefenseleague.com/ Set free Freedom Fighter
Abdullah OCALAN:

Set free the Free Speech Fighter Ernst ZÜNDEL:
Set free the Five Cubanos:

Set free Hussam KADER and all Palestinian prisoners:
http://www.hussamkhader.com/english/default.html Set free
Indian Poet Leonard PELTIERI:
Set free Jonathan POLLARD:

Set free Marwan BARGHOUTI:

Set free Nuclear Weapon Whistler Comrade Mordechai VANUNU, who released from
jail but not from the biggest jail of ZOG:

Set free Mumia ABU-JAMAL:

Set free "Black Panther" Revolutionary HUEY:

Set free Osmo VALLO's brothers and all other innocent Gypsies in Sweden=stop
such second USrael process in the EU:

Set free the Freedom Fighter Ulla Roder!
Set Free Slobodan MILOSEVIC:
http://www.icdsm.org/ Set Free Mihail MIHAILOVIC:
Set Free Saddam HUSSEIN al-MAJID:
(Thanks to Comrade Norman G.F.)

Shadow United Nations: http://home.wanadoo.nl/shadowun/

SHARON, Human Masked Satan continues to massacre Human Being:
Silenced Voices' org.: http://www.dfn.org/

Socialist Workers' appeal:

Socialist Worker:

Socialist Workers League: http://www.po.org.ar/english/824art1.htm

Solidarity movement: http://www.palsolidarity.org/
SolidNet: http://solidnet.org/cgi-bin/agent?parties

Spania-Barcelona Activists against the judaized Imperialism:

Spania Antorcha Marxist Leninista against the Zionist Imperialism:

Speak Truth, so you can be stronger against Barbarity:
Sri Lanka against the Zionist Imperialism:

Steve SEYMOUR talks on the ABUSE cases&Jewish Pedo Abit Dundar&NEFEL Clan
STOP AID to the Fascist Z.O.Gangs !:
http://www.stopaidtoisrael.com/ Stop Torture (Warning:
Mo$$ad's new face Shin Beth Assassination Gang etc are available to read and
manipulate all the messages, specially on such Human Rights NGOs...Mo$$ad uses
cookies on Internet..) http://www.geocities.com/STOP
E-post: pcati@netvision.net.il Stop the "Preventing of
Work Rights" of Anti-Fascists, like the case of antisemite
revolutionary&antiimperialist demonstranters Stefan Dimiter TCHOLAKOV and
isolated Laponian Jouko JOKINEN:

Stop-Fascism: http://www.stop-fascism.org/zionistfascism.htm

Stop the "Registration process of opinion"=democratical masked cleansing on the
intellectuals who struggle against the Zionist Imperialism:

Sudan&African immigrants cry for ABUSED CHILDREN in the capitalist system:

Suryoyo (Assyrians&Chaldeans etc.) demasked the Neo-Zionist Criminal Kurds:

Sydney Initiative against Zionist Imperialism:
http://www.cpa.org.au/campaign/anti-war.html Syrian Arab News
Agency, SANA:
Syrian Working Class in Solidarity with Argentinian people struggle against
Zionist Imperialism:

Tahrir daily news:
Tari Research Institute.: http://www.tari.org/
http://www.guestbookdepot.com/cgi-bin/signbook.cgi?bookid=94841 Webmaster;
Louay AL JONDI; e-post: laljondi@hotmail.com

Terror Alerts were the simple traditionally lies of the judaized Imperialism:
Terrorism is the origin of USrael:

Testimonies of the survivors of Zionist Ritual Abuse; evidences on a
Scandinavian sect of neo-Zionist criminals who suspects of Incest; this Jewish
sect still recruits the criminal clan members from occupied Middle East:

Tommy BLIGHT singing against Britannian Zion Imperilaist Tory BLIAR:

Toronto-Canada Activists against Jewish Fascism: http://www.tcaswi.org/
True Holocaust what HITLER never did, but the Jews:
http://www.aztlan.net/holocoust.htm Tupac Amaru's
Revolutionary Marxist Movement (MRTA).

Tv-Internetional; Anti-Imperialist news on the Free Speech tv Rami:
http://rami.tv/ http://abbc.com/islam/roligt/big/rislam26.gif


Ukrainian People against the Jewish Disinformation:
http://www.ukar.org/defe.shtml http://www.ukar.org/antizio1.gif
United Nations; "U.N.-Racism Conference 2001 and U.S.-Model zionistical
hypocrisy" http://abbc.com/cartoons/laughing-wall.jpg E-post:

U.N.-Embassies of Palestine: http://www.palestine-un.org/

U.N./Palestine Observators:

U.N./Relief to Palestine: http://www.un.org/unrwa/

Vancouver-Canada&Rafah-Palestine solidarity:

Vietnam deserter Robert MALECKI from Laponia Robertsfors town appeals:
http://www.icl-fi.org/SPARTACI/Iraq-icl.htm Vietnam
http://www.oz.net/~vvawai/index.html Violations of
International Law&ICJ authorities (!!!) didn't react:: http://this.is/jenin/
The Waco Massacre:
http://serendipity.magnet.ch/waco.html WAFA News Bureau:

WAGNER, Richard; free music online:

War crimes: http://www.deoxy.org/wc/wc-index.htm
War profiteers: http://www.warprofiteers.com/
http://www.nata2.info/humor/bush/money.jpg What Really
Happened: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ Where is
the Plane, Flight 77?!

Wilhelm TELL against the Zionist Imperialism:

Woman Organization demands; "Expel the Racist Zionist Pedophile Criminals!..":

Women's centre: http://www.wclac.org/stories/jenin/Buried%20Alive.html
Women's Peace initiative:
Workers' Action:

Workers' Communist Party of Norway: http://www.akp.no/spraak/index.htm
Workers' Party of Belgique, W.P.B.: http://www.wpb.be/icm.htm
Workers Party of Iralandia:
http://www.workers-party.org/wphome.htm E-post: info@workers-party.org
Workers' World

World Organization against Torture:
http://www.omct.org/ E-post: omct@omct.org
WSWS, World Socialist Web Site/Eine Webseite von USRAEL-kritischen Sozialisten
im Kampf gegen Zionismus, Judentum und die Verbrechen der von Zionisten
kontrollierten US-Regierung:

Zionist Barbarity:

Site&Brand New Infos about the Massacres and Collaboration acts& Z.O.Gang's
CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (International rules, Palestinian Law and Punishment

11 September 2001 caused by armed Mafia USrael:

That's all Folks!.. This is an alphabetical/selected portals list for all Good
People around Planet Earth who are anti-War, anti-Imperialist, anti-Racist.,
anti-Zionist and anti-Fascist; who want to Fight Back and build together a
Better World and this work is a tribute to Revolutionary Comrade Carlo GIULIANI

...and remember what Comrade Ernesto CHE GUEVARA says:
"If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of
mine!" Mirror links and main reason to create the mirror pages:
The amerojudaized Corporate Mafia Gangs and its lackeys in the Z.O.Gangs
definitely want to shut down the Anti-Fascist sites! Here are some mirror sites
if you can't get through to the one above and you find the useful
sources&informative supporters of all above sites:
Aramean/Suryoyo Forum of Beth-Nahrin:
http://f22.parsimony.net/forum43509/messages/52.htm Against
judaized Imperialism///Indian&Kashmir Solidarity movement:
disc1/0000005a.htm Ahmet
KAYA Protest Art forum against Genocide:
Balkan Massacre related provocative assassinations of Mo$$ad
demasked by the American Communist Party; Los Angeles Labor Anti-Zionist forum:

Anti-Eurogold/Anti-Imperialist Peasant Revolt/Bergama Solidarity forum:

Anti-Fascist forum&Ìsci Party-Aydinlik readers in the C.H.; Confederation

Anti-War service /Kriegsdienstgegner /Savaskarsitlari-forum:




War resisters don't want be military slaves of Imperialism, Nationalism,
Zionism and such all other Fascist systems... (Unfortunately, many deserters
from little Asia have a strange passionate to the passwords, chiffres, secret
numbers etc. and therefore their forums collapsed.).

Arameans Anti-Genocide forum: (moved to the Syriac Studies online....)
Archive/Lêgerîn, Anti-Imperialist Scandinavian&Kurdish asylumseekers' forum:
E-post: siwon@telia.com
Armenian Turkish Communication Team against the Genocide:
This is Edward KEVORKIAN's second additional forum.

Assyrian-Armenian (Beth Suryoyo Assyrian) Anti-Imperialist Alliance:
http://f21.parsimony.net/forum37811/ In this one, we do not
demand passwords, nor show IP numbers and therefore no one single joiner needs
to give away his/her identity.
Anti-Fascist, Anti-Zionist esoterik forum Germania:
Bethnahrin Holand Forum:
Civil Constitution/Anayasa-forum:
Cypriotic Discovery/Discover Turkey through crimes on Cypriotic and other
peoples': http://network54.com/Hide/Forum/94800 Discussion
forum exposing Turkey's crimes against Humanity obtain justice for its many
innocent victims in Cyprus, Armenia, Kurdistan and in Turkey itself.

Deniz GEZMÌS Communist forum:

Hikmet KIVILCIMLI Communist forum:

DSÌP-Revolutionary Socialist Workers / Dev Sosyalist Ísçi Party:

DSÌP, Revolutionary Socialist Party's Women Rights& Feminist forum:

Europen Union have two different conference centres about democracy; here; E.U.,
European Union's democratical suggestions; Conference Centre number one:

http://pub45.bravenet.com/forum/3782049108/fetch/266072/ E.U.,
Conference Centre number two; European Union's Intellectual responsibility.



Force Capitalism /kapitalizmeisyan International Revolutionaries:

http://www.f23.parsimony.net/forum51823/messages/86.htm I.M.F.,
World Bank analyzing and discussions around of Globalized Kapitalist danger...
Free / Özgür Anti-Imperialist Discussion:


Hellenic Genocide:




Indian&Kashmir against judaized Imperialism:
Incest&Pedophilia Crimes demasked by the American Communist Party;
Los Angeles Labor Anti-Zionist forum:
International Communists in exile - Germania:


Intifada Online forum:
WARNING of Intifada Online: Don't watch please on thus page if you
are under 18, please. This site contains images and material that may be
inappropriate for children or people who suffer from heart problems. If you are
sure that you can deal with Genocide Information searh, click;
"..and they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman,
young and old and ox and sheep and ass, with the edge of the sword!" (Old
Testament: Joshua 6:21)
The base of the Zionist movement
Irrational / Sanal Molotof messages:
http://www.network54.com/Hide/Forum/120309 The Peoples of
Black Sea-forum/Karadeniz Anti-Genocide Alliance:
http://www.f20.parsimony.net/forum36933/messages/216.htm Köxüz
Magazine's Periodical Communist Comentary forum: "Reissen wir
uns von den Wurzeln los, die uns mit jeder Art von Herrschaftsform verbinden"

Webmaster. Demir@comlink.de Kurdish Revolutionaries
against the Fascist Zionist Occupational Gang /Conflict forum:
Kurdish Socialists in Germania:
Kurdistan Liberation/Guerilla forum:
http://guerilla.hypermart.net/cgi-bin/discus/board-post-form.cgi (leave the
password box empty) Lazuri Anti-Genocide forum:

Mediachronicle Anti-Imperialist Criticism forum:

Middle East Anti-Zionist forum:
http://network54.com/Forum/post?forumid=4359&messageid=0 Minor
Asia and Middle East Genocide forums ("Self Determination Rights of Minorities
and the Historical Crimes Against Humanity"):
The founder was Comrade Edward KEVORKIAN Nazim
HÍKMET Communist Culture House forum:
Neo-Anarchist amateur leftist page-design continues with neo-anarchodikine


Webmaster: Comrade Çelik SAVRAN (borned in Turky, lives in U.S.A.), e-post via:
http://www.dikine.net/e-mail/mail.php3 Mr. SAVRAN worked against the
revolutionaries before in the Middle East as provocator but he changed his front
and began struggle against the Imperialist Authorities of the West.... His
father Sungur SAVRAN was a Leftist Academician, worked in the Central
Administration of The Ö.D.P., Freedom and Democracy Party, what Çelik SAVRAN
wasn't common with his neo-liberal line... As a non-balanced voluntary he helped
to the Mossad in different countries; he has already symphaty-attitudes to the
Z.O.G. although he labelled himself as "Leftist"(!)... With his non-stabile
trends Mr. Çelik is always active in U.S.A. nowadays, built the Internet pages
for example: A new leftist Culture against the New World Order / Revolutionary
Solidarity /I-ODK, dayanisma-anachodikine struggle forums and he likes to write
anarcho-provocative comments under many different names, mostly on the
guestbooks on Internet. Comrade Çelik SAVRAN is a clever expert-activist on
the Sabotage Technics against the Military Targets etc.


http://f27.parsimony.net/forum66647/messages/15860.htm NOBEL
prize charlatanry demasked by the American Communist Party; Los Angeles Labor
Anti-Zionist forum:

Partizan, Maoist Revolutionary Brigades:


Webmaster: partizan@partizan.org, anls@mail.wdn.com Pontos
Anti-Genocide /Rum Folk Culture forum Karalahana:
Protest the Militarist-Nationalist-Fundamentalist Barbarian thieves:
Webmaster's e-post: protest@crosswinds.net Radical
Anti-Imperialist forum:

Radio A. RAMI's Anti-Zionist, Anti-Fascist forum: Idealist
researcher immigrant Ahmed RAMI's realist struggle against the "State Fascism"!.
A. Rami's tel.: 00. 46. 708121240 Discussion forum exposing Zionist
Barbarity & State Fascism's crimes against Humanity obtain justice for its many
innocent victims in Mideast, Africa, Asia, Europa and specially in the U. S. A.,
U. Kingdom of U. Sweden itself. You are able to leave your new discussion
subjects, messages by e-post, too: r.i.forum@eudoramail.com
Rebels' Anti-Fascist Militants' forum:
Resistance / International Revolutionary Direnis forum:

Revolutionaries' Dev-forum:
Rizgari Kurdish Revolutionaries' Struggle against the Genocide:



Socialist Laber Group discussion:

Socialist Revolution / Devrim forum:

http://www.f24.parsimony.net/forum60172/messages/64.htm Suryoyo
Youth: http://f19.parsimony.net/forum33113/
http://f19.parsimony.net/forum33113/messages/353.htm Syria
against Neo-Judaic Fascism:

http://network54.com/Forum/viewall?forumid=50446&it=0 Suryoyo
Aramaean People's Syriac Studies International Solidarity:
Password demands... Osmanian Imperium's Gendarmeries are still living in
wemaster's brain...

Syriac Aramean Web Forum:
http://f16.parsimony.net/forum28457/ The Target Magazine /
Hedef Anti-Fascist Solidarity:



T.&D.; History&Democracy, Anti-Genocide forums:


Turco Media Anti-Zionist Democracy forum:


Antifa Forum under FascioJudenAttack: Antifa of Hamm-city; belong to files of
the http://www.antifa.net/index.php?catid=4, closed down the former main forum
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Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 14:59 Uhr
Name: vagabund
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....es lohnt sich wirklich nicht................

....uund tschüß............

Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 13:16 Uhr
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Meine Worte sind nicht so leer wie Deine.
Da siehste auch nach aus.

Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 13:12 Uhr
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Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 13:07 Uhr
Name: Antichrist
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an Elzocko:
Hui,hui, hui, ich bin der T e u f e l ! Ha, ha,ha!

Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 12:04 Uhr
Name: Holger der erste
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"Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 11:37 Uhr ."

Der Eintrag unter diesem Datum ist nicht von mir ! Ich könnte ihm aber, bis auf die Tipp und Rechtschreibefehler, voll zustimmen, falls er an den Vagabunden Homer gerichtet ist !

Auf dessen Senf hat die Internetwelt sicher mit
großer Spannung gerade noch gewartet !! Er ist eben ein begnadeter Nacheiferer des auf vielen atheistischen Webseiten mir leeren Worten vagabundierenden Uhsers, der sich ELZOCKO nennt ! :-))))))

Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 11:42 Uhr
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Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 11:40 Uhr
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Looooooool, das muss ausgerechnet
Klein-Holger sagen.........

Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 11:37 Uhr
Name: Holger
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Do solltest nicht immer von dir auf andere schließen, hältst du Mattze für so dämlich, daß er sich, daß er deiner Zustimmung bedarf und sich nicht selbst in Urtei lbilden kann ???

Er weß bestimmt, im gegensatz zu dir, wie das mit den "beweisen" gemeint ist !!!

Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 11:26 Uhr
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Wer GOTT über Bord wirft,
braucht sich nicht zu Wundern,
wenn die Welt zum Teufel geht.
So wie Antichrist zum beispiel

Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 09:12 Uhr
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Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 08:14 Uhr
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Hallo, hier ist Karl aus Köln. Eure Webseite gefällt mir sehr gut; schön zu sehen, dass sich jemand mit seiner Webseite so viel Mühe gegeben hat. Schaut doch mal vorbei

Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 06:53 Uhr
Name: Antichrist
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2000 Jahre Christentum und bis heute hat es keiner von den Christen - von allen Ebenen - geschafft, das Teufelchen zu verjagen. Schwach, sehr schwach.
Oder trägt etwa das Teufelchen zur Perfektion bei?
Also wenn ich so die christlichen Parteien betrachte, immer rein in die Fresse, nach dem Motto, liebe deine Feinde.
Bei dem heutigen Elend, Krieg, Verbrechen und anderen Gemeinheiten versteh ich nicht, wie man noch an einen christlichen gott oder anderen Gestalten glauben kann, denn wo wird da irgendwo geholfen?
Hilf dir selbst und laß dich nicht beirren.
Ohne einen gott geht es auch nicht besser und auch nicht schlechter.

Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 02:33 Uhr
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Dienstag, der 26. Oktober 2004, 00:06 Uhr
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Wenn es keinen GOTT gäbe, gäbe es auch keine Menschen, keine Tiere, keine Natur, keine Erde,
keine Sterne, die GOTT schuf.
An diese Aussage können die Humanisten
oder Antichrist noch so dagegen anmschreien,
es ist von denen, genauso wie von Herbert Ferstl, der mal ein Christ war, sinnlos

Montag, der 25. Oktober 2004, 23:41 Uhr
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Montag, der 25. Oktober 2004, 20:09 Uhr
Name: vagabund
E-Mail: no
Homepage: no


Sorry, Matze, ich glaube, es lohnt sich nicht so recht. Auf deine Kernaussagen geht Holger
ohnehin nicht ein, seine ERKLÄRUNGEN und Fragen
sind mehr als trivial.

Allein seine Forderung, etwas zu beweisen, was es nicht gibt, spricht mal wieder für sich.


Montag, der 25. Oktober 2004, 17:02 Uhr
Name: beamtendarlehen
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Hi. Thanks for this site, i have been trying to do my homework ! i couldnt find anything. Buhbyeee

Montag, der 25. Oktober 2004, 16:14 Uhr
Name: Holger
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Hallo Matze.

In (der Bibel) der das von dir genannte "göttliche Wesen(?)" in einmalig perverser Form als Sadist, Menschenvernichter,Alleinherrscher, drohend und rächend, provozierend und strafend, Opfer und Knechtschaft
fordernd, den Lesern als "Wort Gottes" präsentiert wird!

"Das ist eine ziemlich undifferenzierte, einseitige Analyse des alten Testaments. Hätte von dir mehr erwartet. Natürlich enthält die Bibel sehr seltsame Passagen, die zusammenhanglos und/oder brutal sind."

Natürlich? ? Und wieso sind sie dann "seltsam" und zusammenhangslos? Und diese brutalen biblischen Inhalte des christlichen Glaubensbuches nennst du natürlich !! Weise mir die Zusammenhangslosigkeit dieser Stellen nach !! :-))
Hätte mehr von dir erwartet !

"doch wir reden hier nicht vom Berliner Telefonbuch,"
Wie kommst du denn darauf, gehts denn da auch so brutal und zusammenhangslos zu wie in der Bibel?? :-)))

".... sondern von einem Dokument, dessen Entstehung in der Dunkelheit der menschlichen Geschichte liegt."
Die Bibel ein Dokument ??? Dann ist wohl der "liebe Gott" eine (himmlische !) Behörde, der hat nämlich als "göttliches Wesen" einigen auserwählten, suggestiv beeinflußbaren irdischen Credomaten den ganzen Bibelinhalt offenbart, bezw inspiriert ! Das müßtest du eigentlich wissen !! Belege mal das Gegenteil !!! :-))

"1. Du hast Mein Kampf nicht wirklich gelesen, oder? "
Weise mir nach, daß ichs nicht gelesen habe! :-))

"2. Belege anhand von Textstellen, dass die im neuen Testament überlieferten Worte Jesu Christi einen auf "gehorsam" und "strafe" basierten Staat eines "Alleinherschers" bezwecken sollten.!"'
Belege, daß es keine solchen Textstellen gibt!

Aber die Menschheit hat diesen "Herrgott" inklusive Apokalypse überlebt !

"Langsam wirds echt flach."
Daß man dir aber auch immer erst sagen muß, was Ironie ist ! :-))

"Man kann heutzutage noch nicht einmal sicher erklären, dass unsere Welt deterministisch ist"
Erklären kann man`s schon. !! Und wer`s nicht glaubt, sollte ein Ereignis nennen, das keine Ursache hat ! :-))

"Beweisen" kann ich dirs natürlich erst, wenn dieser Spuk mal vorbei ist, dann machen wir mal einen Treffpunkt aus !
" Was für ein Spuk?"
Dreimal darfst du raten Matze ! :-))

Aber du bist sicher in der Lage deine persönliche Bibelexegese zu inszenieren, und alle biblischen Bosheiten nach deinem und christlichem Wunschdenken zurecht zu interpretieren !

"Belege anhand von Gästebucheinträgen, dass ich das bewusst tue"
Matze, meine Formulierung entspricht einer Vermutung (das ist sowas wie Glaube !!) Und wo habe ich von Gästebucheinträgen geschrieben ?? :-))

Gruß Holger

Montag, der 25. Oktober 2004, 12:40 Uhr
Name: Werner
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Was macht Frau Merkel mit ihren alten Klammotten?

Sie trägt sie!

Montag, der 25. Oktober 2004, 10:59 Uhr
Name: Holger
E-Mail: keine E-Mail
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@ Matze

Matze: "Wie? Was? wo? Was habe ich? Leg mir mal bitte die Textstelle vor, wo ich behauptet habe, dass eine Hypothese ein transzendenter Vorgang sei. Das habe ich nie behauptet...."

Meine Frage war: ".....zum andern, wie soll ich mir (die von dir genannten) transzendenten Einflüsse in unser Universum vorstellen ? Was verstehst du darunter ? "

Deine Antwort:
"Gemeint wäre meinetwegen, die Hypothese, dass das Universum von einem göttlichen Wesen geschaffen worden ist.... "

Damit machst du doch wohl deine Hypothese inhaltlich zu einer transzendenten Vorstellung ....oder nicht ?


Montag, der 25. Oktober 2004, 07:14 Uhr
Name: Antichrist
E-Mail: keine E-Mail
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Wer noch selbst an einen christlichen gott glaubt,
ist selbst schuld.
Man geht in eine Kirche, aber ein Bordell besucht
Alles was Spaß macht, ist Sünde. Also habt mehr Spaß!
Alles was Gut oder Böse ist, bestimmt allein der Mensch. Gut und Böse ist reine Ansichtssache.
Sex oder Beten? Ich ziehe Sex vor.
Die Christen glauben nur das, was sie sich selbst
wünschen. Gefährliche Christen!
Christliche Nächstenliebe besteht darin, eine hochschwangere Frau in einem dreckigen Stall gebären zu lassen. Und jener Glaube besteht noch heute......

Montag, der 25. Oktober 2004, 04:10 Uhr
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Sonntag, der 24. Oktober 2004, 22:59 Uhr
Name: Matze
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Nun, es gibt mehrere Varianten von "Weltanschauung"!
Weltanschauungen können religiös, philosophisch oder wissenschaftlich inspiriert und geprägt sein; sie sagen nicht unbedingt viel über die Welt, sehr viel jedoch über denjenigen aus, der die Welt so anschaut.

Tun sie das wirklich? Ich kenn Christen, die gute Menschen sind - ich kenn Atheisten, die gute Menschen sind. Ich kenn Christen, die Schweine sind, ich kenn Atheisten, die Schweine sind. Ich kenn Christen, die leichtgläubig sind, ich kenn Atheisten, die leichtgläubig sind. So arg viel sagt die Anschauung nicht über die Menschen aus.

In deinem Falle schaust du die Welt also aus christlicher Perspektive an!

Wobei ich betonen möchte, dass ich Dogmatik ablehne.

Und was ist der "eigentliche" Sinn deiner (christlichen )Weltanschauung, entnommen aus einer antiquierten Trivialliteratur namens Bibel

"Antiquierte Trivialliteratur" ist schon arg polemisch und undifferenziert. Du redest über ein Schriftstück, das weit über 2000 Jahre alt ist.

deren Inhalte bis heute noch ohne Rücksicht auf Erkenntnisfortschritte seit 4000 Jahren bei ihren gläubigen Anhängeren als Dogmen gelten ?

Nächstenliebe gibt es immer noch nicht. Sicher ist die Bibel ein Dokument, aus dem das Weltbild des antiken Israels in allen möglichen Facetten spricht. Aber vieles, was das neue Testament fordert, wurde selbst heute nicht erreicht, trotz Computer, trotz Gentechnik, trotz Raumfahrt. Auch und gerade nicht von den Kirchen. Trotzdem ist das Gebot der Nächstenliebe heute genauso gültig, wie einst und genauso wenig umgesetzt wie einst.

In der das von dir genannte "göttliche Wesen(?)" in einmalig perverser Form als Sadist, Menschenvernichter, Alleinherrscher, drohend und rächend, provozierend und strafend, Opfer und Knechtschaft fordernd, den Lesern als
"Wort Gottes" präsentiert wird!

Das ist eine ziemlich undifferenzierte, einseitige Analyse des alten Testaments. Hätte von dir mehr erwartet. Natürlich enthält die Bibel sehr seltsame Passagen, die zusammenhanglos und/oder brutal sind. Doch wir reden hier nicht vom Berliner Telefonbuch, sondern von einem Dokument, dessen Entstehung in der Dunkelheit der menschlichen Geschichte liegt.

Wenn du an einer solchen Weltanschauung Bedarf hast, dann kannst du dir natürlich auch Hitlers "Mein Kampf" zum Vorbild nehmen, das ist keine Polemik Matze, auch hier sollte eine Weltanschauung, ähnlich wie die christliche
nach biblischem Vorbild, mit Hilfe von Ausrottung, Gehorsam und Strafen einen Alleinherrscher zur Weltherrschaft führen !

1. Du hast Mein Kampf nicht wirklich gelesen, oder?
2. Belege anhand von Textstellen, dass die im neuen Testament überlieferten Worte Jesu Christi einen auf "gehorsam" und "strafe" basierten Staat eines "Alleinherschers" bezwecken sollten.

Sicher hat sich Hitler als Heilsbringer dargestellt (und sich auch als solcher gefühlt). Nur hat er nicht Nächstenliebe, sondern Sozialdarwinismus gefordert. Da ist ein ziemlicher Unterschied.

Aber die Menschheit hat diesen "Herrgott" inklusive Apokalypse überlebt !

Langsam wirds echt flach.

Auch diesen hypothetischen "Schöpfer" des Universums werden wir, diesmal mit Intelligenz, eines Tages entthronen !

Das erinnert mich an das 18. und 19. Jahrhundert. Auch damals glaubte man, mit Vernunft und Geisteskraft alles verstehen und erreichen zu können. Man kann heutzutage noch nicht einmal sicher erklären, dass unsere Welt deterministisch ist. Wie lächerlich mag entweder mein oder dein Geschreibsel in 2000 Jahren klingen!

"Beweisen" kann ich dirs natürlich erst, wenn dieser Spuk mal vorbei ist, dann machen wir mal einen Treffpunkt aus !

Was für ein Spuk?

Aber du bist sicher in der Lage deine persönliche Bibelexegese zu inszenieren, und alle biblischen Bosheiten nach deinem und christlichem Wunschdenken zurecht zu interpretieren !

Belege anhand von Gästebucheinträgen, dass ich das bewusst tue.

Holger: "Nach meiner Auffassung ist eine solche Hypothese kein transzendenter Vorgang, wieso auch."

Matze: "Habe ich das irgendwo behauptet?"

Aber natürlich hast dus, als Beispiel......und nun mach nicht wieder Wortglauberei, ein Beispiel sei keine Behauptung!!

Wie? Was? wo? Was habe ich? Leg mir mal bitte die Textstelle vor, wo ich behauptet habe, dass eine Hypothese ein transzendenter Vorgang sei. Das habe ich nie behauptet und würde ich auch nicht. Entweder hab ich mich missverständlich ausgedrückt oder du hast was falsch verstanden.



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